Solis Breast Care And Surgery Centre An Integrated One-Stop Customised Breast Care Centre

Solis Breast Care And Surgery Centre Unveils Its Multi-Disciplinary Expertise As An Integrated One-Stop Customised Breast Care Centre


Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women, and the leading cause of cancer mortality in women, contributing to about 17% of cancer deaths. The good news is that a yearly mammogram for women aged 40 and above helps to detect breast cancer earlier, leading to less aggressive treatment and a higher rate of survival.
“The threat of breast cancer remains a reality for women from all walks of life. The number of new breast cancer cases has increased exponentially in the last 40 years and this underscores the importance of women taking charge of their breast health. Early detection helps us to achieve higher cure rates for patients with breast cancer .” – Dr Tan Yah Yuen, Medical Director, Senior Consultant & Breast Surgeon of Solis Breast Care and Surgery Centre.

3D mammogram is extensively used to detect the onset of breast cancer. Each breast is imaged in two different positions. Compared to a conventional 2D mammogram where the X-ray tube takes a single picture from each position, the 3D X-ray tube scans the breast in arc in four seconds. In conventional 2D imaging, overlapping structures at various depths within the breast are superimposed and may be difficult to distinguish as separate structures. With 3D imaging, the images slice through the breast at various depths, allowing these structures to be seen clearly and distinctively. Small early cancer growth can be more readily distinguished from the overlapping normal glandular tissues within the breast.

3D mammogram has been clinically proven to increase the early detection of invasive breast cancer by 54%. Up to 30% of cancers are not detected by the standard mammograph, and mammographic sensitivity decreased up to 48% in women with extremely dense breasts. Early detection leads to an almost 100% cure rate and reduces unnecessary call-backs for additional images by 37%. On top of that, it also reduces radiation and it is more cost-effective, especially if 2D requires more views.

Luma Imaging Women’s Centre utilizes the latest generation of 3D mammogram that has a lower radiation dose, as compared to the conventional 2D mammogram. Flexible paddle technology used with these machines reduces discomfort from the compression by allowing the paddle to fit the natural shape and curvature of the breast, thus distributing the pressure evenly across the compressed surface. These state-of-the-art machines also allow the detected lesions to be accurately targeted for biopsy under 3D guidance.

“It is very important for women to understand that breast health is crucial and it shouldn’t be taken for granted. Many women defer going for mammogram screening because of many reasons such as discomfort, pain or fear of exposure to radiation. At Luma, we are focused on breast imaging. Combining technology and expertise, a 3D mammogram is better tolerated than a 2D study. Multiple studies show the benefits of 3D mammograms in finding more cancers and reducing the number of false positives. Regular screenings will reduce the risks of undetected breast cancer.” – Dr Eugene Ong, Imaging Director, Consultant, Radiologist and Co-Founder of Luma Women’s Imaging Centre.

“Breast cancer, or cancer itself of any kind, is an ongoing fear and battle for many in this world. I believe as women, we need to do our part to do self-checks at home, and go for mammograms and ultrasound checks regularly.

I was recommended to do a 3D mammogram scan and found the whole process surprisingly pleasant and there wasn’t much pain or discomfort. The machine was able to mould well into the areas that needed to be scanned without much fuss and it was fast. It was a comfortable process as the team at Solis and Luma made my overall experience a very pleasant one.” – Mrs. Cindi Dallee, Homemaker, 63 years old.

Early detection of breast cancer can improve treatment outcomes. Modern-day breast cancers are complex, and doctors must tailor each treatment based on many considerations such as cancer’s subtype, stage and risk factors of the patient.

Founded with the belief that patients deserve personalised care, Solis Breast Care and Surgery Centre works intimately with Luma Women’s Imaging Centre where a team of breast surgeons and breast radiologists adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to breast care. They strive to provide a new level of expertise and experience in delivering bespoke and holistic care to their patients.

With seven leading female surgeons who each have their own areas of expertise in breast care and surgery, Solis Breast Care and Surgery Centre brings across the full spectrum of expertise and experience – combining an evidence-based approach with empathy and compassion, tailor-made treatment plans that prioritise patients’ well-being and improving their quality of life.
Together with Luma Women’s Imaging Centre, patients can expect a comprehensive diagnostic approach leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide screening and treatment for breast cancers.

Solis Breast Care and Surgery Centre clinics are conveniently located at:
1. The Paragon (with Luma facilities): 290 Orchard Road, Lobby C, #09-30/31, Singapore 238859
2. Royal Square Medical Centre (with Luma facilities): 101 Irrawaddy Road, #20-02/04, Singapore 329565
3. Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre: 3 Mount Elizabeth, #13-01, Singapore 228510 4. Gleneagles Medical Centre: #10-03, Napier Road, Singapore 258499
5. Mount Alvernia Hospital: 820 Thomson Road, Medical Centre D, #08-64, Singapore 574623

Solis convenes a team of dedicated breast surgeons and breast radiologists to adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to breast care. Solis integrates their services and facilities to provide patients with the expert care they need and deserve in the most seamless way possible, all under one roof. Solis Breast Care and Surgery Centre offer all-inclusive services such as diagnosis, procedures, surgery, and post-care. For comprehensive screening services, Solis works together with Luma Women’s Imaging Centre to deliver thorough investigations and comprehensive treatments. Solis also collaborates with Can-Care to provide access to professional post-care advice, emotional support and innovative post-care products on a single platform. For more information, please check out:

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