Traditional Japanese cuisine goes back to as far as the Edo period. The Japanese term used to describe Japanese cuisine is Washoku, 和食. Washoku harmoniously blends the ingredients for a nutritious and beautifully presented meal. It is a social practice based on a set of skills, knowledge, and traditions related to the preparation and consumption of food.

Located at Sheraton Towers Hotel, Maetomo Japanese cuisine Kaiseki & Sushi reconceptualize Washoku by innovating and creating state-of-the-art finedining dishes with a modern twist. Inspired by the beauty of seasonal transitions in Japan, chef Maetomo aims to bring out the finest, most delicate flavors of seasonal ingredients for each dish to create a tantalizing UMAMI experience for all his customers. Along with the tableware and interior design of their restaurant, Maetomo Japanese cuisine Kaiseki & Sushi recreates the renowned seasons of Japan.

Maetomo Japanese cuisine Kaiseki & Sushi’s sushi counter selects their ingredients in consequence and uses white or red vinegar to prepare the rice depending on the specific ingredients used in their sushi. They utilize their perfected technique of cutting in the preparation of both Edomae Sushi and Osaka sushi to deliver the seasonal flavors of the ocean. Edomae and Osaka sushi styles have both originated from the classic sushi somewhere during the Edo period and evolved over time to become the sushi we know today.

Edomae sushi is served with fresh fish, while Osaka sushi is kept as a souvenir product or something to be taken away along during a journey. To this day, Osaka sushi is only served with cooked or preserved products. But the greatest difference between both styles is that Edomae sushi’s vinegar rice is put into its form by hand and its flavor defines the freshness of the dish, while Osaka sushi is made by pressing the ingredients into a square box. The amount of rice is greater as it balances the different products used in a different ratio. The Edomae sushi rice contains a great amount of air, making it light and puff, whilst the Osaka sushi takes on a heavier, more concentrated taste.

Heading the Sushi counter is Chef Shigenori Miyata, who spent his childhood in Asakuasa quarter of Tokyo. Coming from the region with the highest mountain in Japan – Mount Fuji – and surrounded by the deepest waters of the Bay of Suruga, Chef Miyata decided to become a sushi chef at 18 years old. He began training at an over 100 years old Edomae Sushi restaurant in Tokyo and proved his passion and skills at 22 by being named Executive Chef “Hanaita” of a 24-seat Edomae Sushi restaurant. Then, he served as an Executive Chef to many long-established Edomae Sushi restaurants often visited by many celebrities. At the age of 43, he mastered the art of Osaka Sushi at a 370-year-old restaurant in Osaka and has been serving customers with both Edomae Sushi and Osaka Sushi since.

Maetomo Japanese cuisine Kaiseki & Sushi’s Kaiseki menu presents their cuisine with a modern essence, to bring out the finest seasonal Japanese flavours in their ingredients. Kaiseki is a dining style that evolved together with the Chanoyu tea ceremony tradition, which developed a consecrated ritual of fine rules to the table. Maetomo Japanese cuisine Kaiseki & Sushi serves signature creations such as bowl served dishes that illustrate soup flavours to a distinguished perfection, iron pot cooked rice prepared to a customer’s order, roasted meat and fish that are baked with Tosa Binchō charcoal, which provides a deep aroma and ample umami, and crispy, flavourful tempuras.
Heading the Kaiseki counter is chef Akihiro Maetomo, who started his career in various prestigious restaurants in Tokyo and Osaka, where he won numerous Michelin Awards. In 2010, he moved to Singapore to continue his culinary journey by offering refined and beautiful Japanese cuisine using finest seasonal ingredients. In 2012, he was appointed as the VIP’s Head Chef to represent Singapore’s F1 Grand Prix. And finally, in March 2019, he opened Maetomo Japanese Cuisine Kaiseki & Sushi, creating beautiful state-of-the-art dishes while retaining the delicate spirit of Japanese cuisine. He is recognized as one of the 87 expatriated chefs in the association of the 143 world goodwill ambassadors of Japanese cuisine recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture of Japan.

Maetomo Japanese cuisine Kaiseki & Sushi also serves exclusive, unique drinks from a wide variety of red and white wine paired with each course by their sommelier, and a selection of sake for each course prepared by sake breweries that have been carefully selected by Japanese sake brewers.

Maetomo Japanese cuisine Kaiseki & Sushi houses 3,100 sq ft, including their kitchen space. Their Kaiseki counter can host 13 seats, while their sushi counter hosts 11 seats. The have 4 private rooms: Yuki has 4 seats, Icho has 6 seats, Susuki has 8 seats with deep-seated embedded heated table, and Sakura has 10 seats.
The sushi counter seating is derived from traditional Japanese tearoom seating style, which sets the tone for a very traditional Japanese ambience during the meal. Kaiseki is set to face the kitchen so that customers may appreciate the chef in his preparation of the dishes, making each stage of the course a qualitative experience.

Maetomo Japanese cuisine Kaiseki & Sushi’s operating hours and prices are: : Sushi Counter (6:00PM – 10:30PM)**
– Omakase Sushi Course at S$300++
– Omakase Sushi Course at S$380++
**Recommended for those who would like to simple enjoy sushi or would like to have a quick dinner Sushi counter is closed on Sunday.

: Kaiseki Counter (6:00PM – 10:30PM)
– Omakase Standard Kaiseki at S$200++
– Omakase Special Kaiseki at S$280++
– Omakase Premium Kaiseki at S$350++

: Private Room (6:00PM – 10:30PM)
– Omakase Sushi Course at S$300++
– Omakase Sushi Course at S$380++
– Omakase Standard Kaiseki at S$200++
– Omakase Special Kaiseki at S$280++
– Omakase Premium Kaiseki at S$350++

*Maetomo Japanese cuisine Kaiseki & Sushi has a private room with the theme of four seasons *There is no room charge, no minimum spend

Corkage charge (*Corkage waiver 1 for 1) is at S$75++ per bottle.

Dinner reservations can be made at:
Sushi Counter:

Kaiseki Counter: eANWJhtIGvNpKnb7ggIknEBfMsbV09Sx0#/

Maetomo Japanese cuisine Kaiseki & Sushi is located at

Sheraton Towers Hotel Singapore, #01-01, 39 Scotts Road, Singapore 228230.

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