Life-Space, Australia’s Number 1 Probiotics

Life-Space, Australia’s Number 1 Probiotics*, is formulated to support everyone’s digestive, immune systems as well as other targeted areas to protect one’s wellbeing. Premium, multi-strain probiotics for every stage of life, from the oldest to the youngest in your family, Life-Space is here to help maintain a healthy microbiome.

Just earlier last month, Life-Space has officially launched in Singapore and is exclusively available in most Guardian stores and its online store  . Currently, there are 5 Life-Space products (U.P. $49.90 per bottle) available in Singapore:


Broad Spectrum Probiotics: Encourages good bacterial diversity, strengthens healthy immune and digestive systems.


Probiotics for 60+: Supports stronger immune systems, improves bowel motion and reduces the risk of upper respiratory tract infections.


Probiotics Powder for Children (3-12 Years):  Reduces gastrointestinal, mild upper respiratory tract infections and encourages good bacterial diversity.

Urogen Probiotics for Women: Supports urinary tract health and function of the immune system.

Shape B420 Probiotics: Supports healthy digestive and gastrointestinal systems, aids in weight management and metabolic health.

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*IRI Aztec MarketEdge. Total Probiotics – Australian pharmacy and grocery (units) MAT to 08/08/2021.

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