SANO-D superior disinfectant


SANO-D with its innovative formulation of accelerated hydrogen peroxide (AHP) with Nano silver ions as a catalyst, meets the highest standard of disinfection. It is a far more superior disinfectant than other disinfectant that kills germs, virus and bacteria within one minute of contact. The inclusion of Nano silver ions which is another antimicrobial element catalytically enhances and increases the effectiveness of the AHP in killing germs, virus and bacteria. The Nano silver ions will also prevent recontamination for many hours. AHP is fast, gentle to skin (moisturizing) and eco-friendly and only emit oxygen upon oxidation.

SANO-D specializes in producing top quality products to keep everyone safe by constantly adapting to the changes in the world. As a disinfectant specialist, they pride themselves with the immense amount of knowledge and continue to expand their practices every day.

As industry leaders, they have grown accustomed to working with companies  in all industries to provide extreme healthcare and measures. To further expand the brand, SANO-D begun providing products to household consumers.

SANO-D ensures that their products do not cause any skin irritations or allergies, nor does it have any carcinogenic or mutagenic effects. Their products are most suited for disinfection of hands, wipe-down disinfection, immersion disinfection, and spray disinfection, in accordance with European Standard EN 1500.

SANO-D prides themselves in being one of the first few brands that is alcohol-free and have their own formula that protects not only the family and their loved ones, but the environment as well. They believe in supporting people to be the one who protects, leads, and cares for their family and loved ones by providing them a safe and clean-living space, regardless of where they are; home, work, daycare or on a holiday.

SANO-D supplies both local and global companies with a variety of innovative products, created with the greatest degree of precision and care. To ensure that every inch of their consumer’s surface is protected, they released THREE new products to help them achieve a germ and bacteria-free environment. Their products are also family-friendly and safe to use around pets too!

SANO-D’s D’Shield, D’Garde and D’Kleense are multi-purpose disinfectants with a long-lasting depot effect. They are based on the proven SANO-D Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide with Nano silver ions that act as a catalyst stabilizer and is alcoholfree. Hydrogen peroxide readily decomposes, especially when it encounters organic material and produces highly reactive, short-lived atomic oxygen that reacts with and attacks the surface of microorganisms as well.

Their products can kill up to 99.99% germs and viruses in 1 minute, contains nano silver ions to prevent recontamination and provides hours of protection, all thanks to the use of their advanced swiss tech. Additionally, they are eco-friendly, and accelerated hydrogen peroxide oxidizes into oxygen and water, minimizing any damage to the environment. Their products are also effective against bacteria, germs, viruses like the coronavirus, influenza, biofilms, mold and yeast.


For customers who are looking for a period of 90 days protection against germs, bacteria and viruses, SANO-D has their hero set, the D’Shield Starter Kit, which contains a bottle of D’Shield Antimicrobial Coating in 100ml, a self-disinfecting spray that provides protection against germs and viruses for 90 days, and 2 bottles of D’Kleense in 100ml and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

D’Shield is an all-surface antimicrobial coating that is a ready to use, single component, molecular coating that forms a long lasting, durable, hygienic barrier on surfaces. It is effective in killing 100% harmful bacteria and pathogens even after 30 Wash Cycles on common Porous Surfaces, such as wood, glass, natural fiber textiles, plastic, rubber and more.

The D’Shield Starter Kit is ideal for consumers who want to do their own antimicrobial coating without engaging the services of a disinfectant company, which can be costly for a one-time protective coating service. The starter kit also comes with multi-material application and details instructions on how each individual product helps to enhance the effectiveness of the self-disinfecting coating.

The D’Shield Starter Kit is available for purchase at S$31.90.



D’Garde is an antimicrobial hand sanitizer that ensures that their user’s hands are soft and clean after use with their added moisturizing elements. It is also gentle on the skin, protecting not just the user’s external surface from bacteria and germs but from strong reactions as well.

D’Garde is available in

o 50ml at S$2.30

o 500ml for S$9.15

o a box of 3X50ML for S$6.90


D’Kleense is an antimicrobial cleaner and disinfectant for general surface disinfections. It is a 2-in-1 protector and acts as both a cleaner and disinfectant, ensuring that surfaces are dirt-free and germ-free. Additionally, it is chlorine- free, non-toxic, non-flammable and non- corrosive. D’Kleense comes in two product types: a spray bottle disinfectant and wet wipes (200 pieces) in tub, and wet wipe refills.

D’Kleense is available in 100ml at S$3.20 and 500ml at S$8.90, and 200 sheets of wet wipes at $21.90, refillable of 200 sheets at $14.90.

SANO-D’s products are available for purchase online at

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