Alex Lien

17LIVE Logo (1)

17LIVE Inc, the operator of the leading live streaming platform 17LIVE in Japan and Taiwan, has announced its expansion in the Singapore market through its wholly-owned business unit.

“We are proud to announce the launch of 17LIVE in Singapore as we strengthen our commitment by establishing our local operations here. Through our 17LIVE platform, we hope to build connections and interactions amongst the Singapore community in real time to create a new form of entertainment platform that connects our talents and audience,” – Alex Lien, CEO of 17LIVE for Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

17LIVE is launched with a mission to empower human interactions and connections through live technology. With their tagline, Life happens Live, 17LIVE wants to create moments irreplaceable with live streaming technology where users can create a world to connect with anyone to empower expressions and connections to build borderless human connections together!

With 17LIVE, there is no fine line between borders and generations. Anyone and everyone can come together to engage, entertain, educate and most importantly enjoy the experience of watching and the process of producing it. Each country in Southeast Asia will have their own curated contents to reach out to their users. There will also possibly be some introduction of large-scale domestic events where 17LIVE elevates the experience of large-scale events to enjoy “music” mainly through live distribution with top artists from Japan and overseas.

In addition, many exciting programs will be held in different countries globally, to deepen exchanges with people around the world through 17LIVE. With the launch of 17LIVE in Southeast Asia including Singapore, 17LIVE. Inc hopes to become the next major entertaining platform with diversified content to enrich people’s lives and elevate the online live streaming experience to a whole new level.

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