Enjoy The Biggest Visual Excitement Together With SHARP Big AQUOS Technology

BIG AQUOS Landscape

SHARP, the first brand in Japan to commercially produce televisions in 1953, remains a trusted name in bringing stunning visuals and images into homes with its latest BIG AQUOS televisions. They invite families to enjoy the biggest excitement together with real beauty, detail, colour and contrast with its unique panel Deep Chroma Display for richer tones and colours.

Coupled with advanced comfort modes and energy saving efficiency, SHARP once again presents the best of Japanese technology and quality with products that are proven to have safe operation and high endurance under various circumstances.



SHARP’s BIG AQUOS technology demonstrates picture quality that is distinctly close to nature through real detail, real contrast, and real colours featured through 7 perceptions.

Capturing Real Detail

The X4 Master Engine Pro II Processor allows for 4K upconverting, the conversion to 4K is executed with the contour and texture information of the source video kept intact, producing superior 4K quality from standard definition or high definition sources. Video definition is also improved through enhancement of the contrast between detected edges and their periphery.

Along with the 4K Digital Noise Reduction, the MEMC algorithm generates an intermediate image between continuous frames to reduce blur and display a clear 4K image, keeping the digital image quality clean of undesirable pixilation, even after up conversion.

Capturing Real Contrast

With the 4K U HDR feature it allows for display of detailed texture in both light and dark areas, resulting is realistic contract and provides depth to the image. It enables non-HDR content to be reproduced to show natural contract through detecting and comparing the brightness and actively adjusting the backlight to the optimal level.

With the Comfort Luminance Display’s that uses a highly efficient LED backlight that recycles the light it emits, displays images optimally on the panel, increasing the depth in scenery and texture of the material content, producing life-like content.

Capturing Real Colour

The Deep Chroma Display technology adopts a “six axis colour management” which incorporates the complementary colours of magenta, yellow and cyan in addition to the three primary colours of red, green, and blue. As a result, subtle tones are depicted distinctly with colour balance kept intact to bring colour closer to that of nature. On top of this, the TV can demonstrate real colours through the 123% wider colour gamut, offering a larger palette of colours for viewers to enjoy.

With the Colour Optimizer, it adjusts and picks out the colours displayed to those that are naturally detected by the human eye. The Tone Optimiser provides natural colour tones with 64 times more colour levels as compared to regular displays, adjusting tones to be true to the eye. Both resulting in superb expression of light and dark tones and natural colour reproduction to create natural looking images.



BIG AQUOS – Enjoy the biggest excitement together

Sharp 65” AQUOS 4K UHD Android TV – 4T-C65CK1X


The BIG AQUOS technology is best viewed in two television models – 4T-C65CK1X (65 inches) and 4T-C80CL1X (80 inches).

Both come with SHARP’s Deep Chroma Display that applies enhanced Chroma substances for backlighting of pure red and green for richer and more diversified colour tones and are powered by the X4 Master Engine Pro II, the original AQUOS processor to enhance the overall quality of experience.

Both come with in-built Android TV™ platform, giving users an easy access to over 5,000 existing apps for videos, news, and games on Google Play Store. The all-in-one Smart Remote with in-built Google Assistant allows users to multitask while enjoying various entertainments or contents. With just a push of a button and using voice control, users can switch between one entertainment to another, control smart devices around their homes, and even manage daily tasks such as schedule-management. Users will also be able to easily cast contents directly from their devices to the TVs with built-in Chromecast.

For user comfort, the televisions are equipped with exclusive Comfort Mode to protect eyes by reducing the intensity and effects of blur light from the screens as well as an environmentally friendly Super Eco Mode that saves up to 50% power consumption while remaining compliant with RoHs.




7 Shields Protection Depicted by Strict Japanese Quality Standards

Both models of AQUOS 4K UHD Android TVs under this new lineup have panels made in Japan, to guarantee the highest quality to SHARP customers. On top of that, SHARP TVs abide by 7 shields to provide extra protection and high endurance under various circumstances.

  1. Lightning Shield
    • Varistor protects the TVs from lightning surges through AC cables that are in line with EMC standards (IEC 61000-4-2 and IEC 61000-4-5)
  2. Heavy Weight Shield
  • The design of the wall mounting brackets are tested against IEC 60065 weight loading standards
  1. Voltage Shield
    • Sharp TVs can endure a wide range of voltages from 110V to 240V
  2. Drop Shield
    • The protective packaging and durability of the TVs have passed strict drop tests
  3. Stability Shield
    • SHARP TVs are proven to be structurally stable, benchmarked against IEC 60065 standards
  4. Vibration Shield
    • SHARP’s quality carton packing design and high build quality of the TVs provide vibration resistance during deliveries
  5. High Temperature and Humidity Shield
    • These TVs have passed IEC 60065 test standards to withstand high temperature and humidity settings.

You can find more information here:

– SHARP: https://sg.SHARP/

– SHARP Big AQUOS Technology: https://sg.sharp/aquos/big-aquos

– SHARP 80” AQUOS 4K UHD Android TV (C80CL1X):


– SHARP 65” AQUOS 4K UHD Android TV (4T-C65CK1X):



Product Specifications

Model 4T-C80CL1X 4T-C65CK1X
Availability Available Now Available Now
Price $9,999 $3,499
Resolution 4K Ultra HD 3,840 x 2,160 4K Ultra HD 3,840 x 2,160
Backlight Direct LED Direct LED
Picture Engine X4 Master Engine Pro X4 Master Engine Pro II
Colour Deep Chroma Display Deep Chroma Display
Brightness High Brightness Standard
HDR 4K Blu-ray, USB Movie (HDR10), Netflix, Youtube 4K Blu-ray, USB Movie (HDR10), Netflix, Youtube
Audio Audio Output Main Speaker 10W + 10W Main Speaker 10W + 10W
Surround Original Original
Terminal HDMI [Side] 3 [Side] 3
AV-IN [Rear] 1 [Rear] 1
USB [Side] 2 [Side] 2
LAN [Rear] 1 [Rear] 1
Headphone [Side] 1 [Side] 1
Service Pin Jack [Rear] 1 [Rear] 1
Smart/Connectivity OS Android TV Android TV
Function APP Store, Google Assistant, Web browser, Bluetooth APP Store, Google Assistant, Web browser, Bluetooth
Mirroring Chromecast built-in Chromecast built-in
VOD Netflix, YouTube, Play Movie & TV Netflix, YouTube, Play Movie & TV
Power Consumption (W) TYP 374W 224W
Stand by 0.6W 0.6W
Super Eco 187W 92.5W
Language 15 languages English, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, Persian, Indonesian, French, Russian, Portuguese, Hebrew, Hindi, B. Melayu, Chinese TW, Chinese HK English, Simplified Chi, Traditional Chi TW / HK, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, French, Portuguese, Russian , Malaysian
Dimension (mm) With Stand 1816 (W) x 1091 (H) x 455 (D) mm 1462 (W) x 920 (H) x 300 (D) mm
W/O Stand 1816 (W) x 1055 (H) x 114 (D) mm 1462 (W) x 920 (H) x 76 (D) mm
Weight (kg) With Stand 55.5kg 23kg
W/O Stand 52.5kg 22kg
Accessories Initial Setup Guide / Remote Control Initial Setup Guide / Remote Control
USB Media Codec Photo jpg, png, bmp jpg, png, bmp
Music mp3, aac, wma, wav mp3, aac, wma, wav
Video avi, mkv, asf, wmv, mp4, mov, mpg, mpeg, flv avi, mkv, asf, wmv, mp4, mov, mpg, mpeg, flv

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