The Marshall Uxbridge Voice with Google Assistant is perfect for those who want their Google Assistant with a bit of rock star quality. It’s a solid option for those who don’t have the space for Marshall’s pricier models. Marshall call it  a “compact sonic powerhouse”.

Uxbridge Voice combines the legendary sound of Marshall with the helpfulness of Google Assistant, for a speaker that’s not just smart, it’s brilliant. Small in size yet large in sound, this speaker delivers a clean and precise audio experience. With Google Assistant you can use your voice to multi-task, hands-free. Access to the world’s music has never been easier, just ask Google Assistant to play music from the most popular streaming services and you’re ready to listen. Marshall Voice speakers use a far-field microphone array for smart voice recognition and noise cancellation.

Uxbridge Voice is engineered to create a thunderous sound from its compact frame. An advanced setup with high-end components come together to produce a sound only Marshall can deliver.

Fine-tune your music to meet your requirements with the rocker buttons on your speaker’s top panel. Unlike previous Bluetooth speakers released under the Marshall brand, the Uxbridge’s physical controls consist of a series of volume rockers, rather than guitar amp-style knobs. Across the top, there are rocker buttons to turn its volume, bass, and treble up and down, there’s a play / pause button, and also a button to disable the speaker’s far-field microphone.

Easily set up your Marshall Voice speaker in just a few steps with the Marshall Voice app. You can also customise your listening experience with built-in EQ presets or connect to other supported built-in devices.

Due to the cabinet’s narrow spread of delivery, the Marshall doesn’t offer the broadest of sound stages. It makes up for this with a big sound, one that fills a room even at half-volume. Despite the cramped stage, room is made for vocals with voice coming across well. Bass is another area where the Uxbridge has a confidence that belies its size. Drum hits hit well; they landed with more force.

We liked this speaker for its powerful audio performance with strong bass depth, it has Bass and treble controls, as well as adjustable in-app EQ and Hands-free Google Assistant voice control. What we do not like is the digital signal processing can reshape mix at high volumes.

The Marshall Uxbridge Voice speaker delivers respectable audio performance and hands-free Google Assistant voice control in a stylish package.

We will be giving away the evaulation set to one lucky subscriber in end September, if you have not yet subscribe pls do so.



Connects to your home Wi-Fi network with any WPA/WAP2, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 2.4 GHz/ 5 GHz with diversity.
Volume button
Bass button
Treble button
Play/pause/skip button
Mute/unmute mic & push to talk button
Bluetooth pairing button (on rear side)
A dual microphone array with acoustic noise cancellation for far field voice interaction.
Google Assistant
Airplay 2
Spotify Connect
Bluetooth 4.2

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