Get the most out of Huawei’s latest range of mobile devices P40 Pro+ smartphone, MateBook 13 laptop and MatePad Pro tablet

Working seamlessly with Huawei – what your smartphone, laptop and tablet can do for you!


Get the most out of Huawei’s latest range of mobile devices such as the P40 Pro+ smartphone, ultra-portable MateBook 13 laptop and handy MatePad Pro tablet, to boost your productivity. Let’s find out what they can do for you!


Do everything seamlessly and instantaneously with Huawei Share


One thing that can really streamline your working process is if you could access all your information quickly and easily. Say hello to Huawei Share, an innovative technology which allows for the Multi-Screen Collaboration experience[1]. Once the devices are connected, the phone screen will automatically pop up on the larger screen, allowing you to easily manoeuvre around your phone with your laptop or tablet. This makes data transfer seamless, as you can drag-and-drop files and photos easily, edit your documents directly, and even answer calls and play videos.


This technology also supports the OneHop interaction mode, which lets you experience the synergy between your Huawei devices with just one tap. Simply tap your Huawei smartphone against your laptop to link them up instantaneously and use the Multi-Screen Collaboration mode. Do the same with other accessories such as the Sound X speaker by tapping against your NFC-enabled smartphone to play music.

Get more out of Huawei Mobile Cloud on your devices


Worry no more about running out of space with the Huawei Mobile Cloud Service, where you can leave your data to your devices with a peace of mind. Be it photos, videos, contacts, notes or even confidential information, safely store your data to a secure cloud where you can access it anytime. This way, you can conveniently transfer your information to your devices anytime, anywhere.


If you lose any of your devices, especially your smartphone, you can easily locate it using the Find My Phone feature through Huawei Mobile Cloud on your laptop or tablet. You can even wipe it remotely to keep your private data secure if you have to. With these features in place, you can fully enjoy the seamless sharing of data between your devices with the additional security layers checked

Discover apps and more with Huawei AppGallery and Petal Search


With a ton of apps available on the Huawei AppGallery, you can maximise your working experience and efficiency. Make the most of your working hours with productivity apps like the Pomodoro Smart Timer, a time management app based on the Pomodoro Technique that allocates work and breaks to optimise your time and concentration to stay productive. If you own a Huawei tablet, try out apps such as Nebo for Huawei, or Bamboo Paper for writing, jotting down notes, or even drawing diagrams for full enjoyment on a larger surface area. For any apps you want but are unable to locate, you can even make it happen by submitting your request in the Wishlist provided by Huawei.


One of the newest developments to Huawei devices is the Petal Search widget, which brings a gateway to up to a million apps from multiple sources to you. From Petal Search, you can quickly find apps that are available from the Huawei AppGallery and third-party sources like APKPure. You can also utilise it to read news, and discover photos, making it an essential and seamless addition to your everyday work life to enjoy the apps that work best for your productivity.



[1] supported by Huawei’s mobile devices running EMUI 10.0 or later

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