The MINI Lifestyle Collection offers lots of ideas for special Mother’s Day gifts.

The MINI Lifestyle Collection offers lots of ideas for special Mother’s Day gifts. As an alternative – or in addition – to flowers and chocolates, fashionable garments, practical items for day-to-day use and stylish accessories designed in the distinctive style of the MINI brand are an ideal way of expressing well-deserved appreciation on Mother’s Day.




Colourful and stylish – garments from the MINI Lifestyle Collection.

Guaranteeing a fashionable start to the upcoming summer season, the MINI Wordmark T-Shirt Women’s is available in vivid Coral or in classic Black and White. A great gift for mothers who prefer a stylish retro look can be found in the MINI 60 Years Lifestyle Collection, including the MINI Car Print T-Shirt Women’s, the MINI Stripe T-Shirt Women’s and the MINI Vintage Logo T-Shirt Women’s. Whether for leisurely hours at home or trips to the countryside: the MINI Logo Patch Sweatshirt Women’s available in Coral and Island is a true all-rounder and offers superb comfort.

Since there is always the chance of a brisk wind blowing even in the warmer seasons, the classically styled MINI Two-Tone Parka Women’s is the perfect outfit for walks – whether on the beach or in the forest. Meanwhile the MINI Foldable Umbrellas from the MINI Lifestyle Collection offer cheerfully coloured rain protection.



For spontaneous ideas – MINI Notebooks and MINI Fountain Pen.

High-quality writing utensils are available in hallmark brand design, whether for work at the desk or private notes. A perfect option for jotting down spontaneous ideas is the MINI Striped Notebook from the MINI 60 Years Lifestyle Collection or the MINI Cloth-Bound Notebook, available in Coral, Island and Grey. Meanwhile an excellent way to capture your thoughts in style is to use the MINI Fountain Pen with a two-colour aluminium barrel. This classic writing utensil is also well-suited for composing hand-written Mother’s Day greetings.

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