Oceania Cruises | LS 2022 AROUND THE WORLD CRUISE Epic Six Month Voyage Is The Ultimate Global Exploration

Oceania Cruises, the world’s leading culinary- and destination-focused cruise line, opened its epic 2022 Around The World In 180 Days voyage for sale.

A globe-circling journey is the pinnacle of sought-after travel experiences, and this 2022 Around the World journey weaves together diverse and compelling destinations in the South Pacific, New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Africa and Northern Europe into a brilliant wayfaring masterpiece.


Charting an intriguing westward route, Insignia sails across the Pacific to gorgeous Hawaiian Islands, the dreamy lagoons of French Polynesia and faraway Fijian enclaves. She continues charting her course south towards the dramatic fjords and rugged coasts of New Zealand followed by an extensive exploration Down Under, granting travelers ample time to discover the famed reefs, capital cities and Aboriginal culture of Australia.


Navigating the most intriguing corners of Asia, guests will have the chance to immerse themselves in everything from the sought-after spiritual haven of Bali and Kyoto’s mystical bamboo forests to the stunning juxtaposition of new and ancient in cities such as Hong Kong, Shanghai and Yangon. More adventures await at African game reserves, the acclaimed vineyards dotting the Cape Winelands, the otherworldly volcanic landscapes of the Canary Islands and the Golden Age canals of Amsterdam.


On Deck - 951416

Around The World Highlights

·         Continents visited: 6

·         Countries visited: 44

·         Time zones crossed: 22

·         Islands visited: 43

·         Ports visited: 91

·         UNESCO World Heritage sites accessible: 68

·         Overnight stays: 19

·         Oceans cruised: 4

·         Seas cruised: 19

·         Numbers of times equator crossed: 2

·         International date line crossed: 1

·         Largest population: Manila, Philippines

·         Smallest population: Akaroa, New Zealand



Exclusive Shoreside Events, Overnight Highlights & Optional Overland Tours
From the milieu of UNESCO World Heritage sites to optional overland tours, we also feature our Exclusive Shoreside Events, reserved only for the select cadre of world cruise guests choosing to join us for the complete world journey.  This already unforgettable journey will be punctuated with special celebratory events ranging from an exclusive overnight at one of Shanghai’s most luxe and architecturally bold hotels to a regal feast and cultural festivities at the UNESCO-protected Royal Citadel in Hue. Whether exploring the lush gardens and protected wildlife at the Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens or celebrating the deep-seated Dutch tradition of seafaring life at Amsterdam’s National Maritime Museum, guests will cherish these priceless opportunities to witness the beauty of human expression and creativity in its purest form.



Ultimate Value
Enhanced by our Exclusive Prestige Package with generous amenities such as First Class Roundtrip Airfare , Free Pre-Paid Gratuities,  Free Laundry Service, Free Onboard Medical Care, Free Luggage Delivery, and Free Pre-Cruise Luxury Hotel Stay, along with many other valuable free inclusions, guests will discover that the value is as spectacular as the voyage itself.



Oceania Cruises is the world’s leading culinary- and destination-focused cruise line. The line’s six intimate and luxurious ships which carry only 684 or 1,250 guests offer an unrivaled vacation experience featuring the finest cuisine at sea and destination-rich itineraries that span the globe. Expertly crafted voyages aboard designer-inspired, intimate ships call on more than 450 ports across Europe, Alaska, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, New England-Canada, Bermuda, the Caribbean, Panama Canal, Tahiti and the South Pacific and epic 180-day Around the World Voyages.


For more information about Oceania Cruises, call 855-OCEANIA (855-623-2642) or contact your Travel Advisor.

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