Brighten your skin this new year with b.glen

Start the new year with  b.glen’s  (Beverly  Glen  Laboratories  Inc.)  Brightening   Care  Series!



b.glen  is  a  Japanese  skincare  brand  that  uses  technology  invented  in  America  called   QuSome®.    They  have  been  solving  skin  problems  since  1994  with  over  1.7  million  satisfied  customers   in  Japan  and  are  now  here  in  Singapore  to  solve  your  brightening  concerns.


Light  up  your  bared-­‐skin  New Year  selfies  with  b.glen!  What  makes  b.glen  effective  in  brightening  is   the  incorporation  of  anti-­‐aging  ingredients  with  hydroquinone  derivative  ingredient  known  as  Arbutin.   Arbutin  is  a   skin-­‐lightening   agent  that  is  used  to  lighten  areas   of  darkened   skin   and  prevents   formations  of  melanin.  However,  hydroquinone  derivatives  can  be  highly  unstable  and  difficult  to   formulate.  To  tackle  this,  b.glen   uses  QuSome®,  an  exclusive  skin  penetrating  technology  which   encapsulates  Arbutin  and  anti-­‐aging  ingredients  into  nano-­‐sized  particles.  Each  particle  has  a  diameter   between  70  to  150  nanometers,  and  it  stabilizes  the  once  unstable  ingredient.
QuSome®  also  ensures  the  nano-­‐capsules  penetrates  through  the  skin’s  surface  to  the  dermal  layer   and  delivers  them  deep  inside  the  skin.  The  ingredient  remains  there  while  slowly  breaking  down  its   multilayer  nano-­‐capsule  and  releasing  the  ingredients  over  a  period  of  time.  This  is  known  as  “slow   release  mechanism”  of  beauty  ingredients  resulting  in  lasting  effects  in  the  skin.    Hydroquinone  is   known  not  to  be  used  during  the  day,  but  Arbutin  protects  the  skin  while  being  activated  during  the   day.  It  keeps  the  skin  tone  brighter  by  blocking  any  deep  UV  damages  from  the  sun.  This  is  the  secret   to  b.glen’s  effectiveness.
By  using  tiny  capsules  instead  of  hydroquinone  in  its  raw  form,  the  possibility  of  irritation  is  reduced,   and  the  stable  hydroquinone  derivative  can  be  most  effective.  This  leads  the  skin  to  be  on  the  path  for   perfect  complexion.
b.glen  believes  firmly  in,  “If  an  active  ingredient  doesn’t  penetrate  the  skin,  it  won’t  work.  If  an  active   ingredient  is  delivered  precisely,  it  will  be  effective.”  It  ensures  that  QuSome®  is  very  stable  and  works   with  various  formulations  for  lotions,  gels  and  creams.    It  is  considered  very  mild  in  nature  and  suited   even  for  people  with  sensitive  skin.  This  is  what  differentiates  b.glen  from  other  skincare  brands.   QuSome®   works  because   the   ingredient   is  not   just   applied  on.  It  penetrates  and  delivers  the   ingredients  to  where  they  are  needed  the  most.


With  this,  b.glen  can  tackle  the  most  common  ageing   issues,  from  dark  spots,  acne,  large  pores,  dry  or  sagging  skin,  to  fine  lines  and  wrinkles.


The  Brightening  Care  Series  consists  of  5  simple  steps  using  5  products  that  offer  unprecedented   delightful  skin  by  delivering  only  necessary  highly  advanced  ingredients  to  a  pinpointed  location  using   penetration  technology.    All  of   b.glen’s   products   are  100%  made  in  Japan  and  imported  into   Singapore,  and  this  is  how  they  solve  your  skin  problems.




STEP  1:  Remove  Impurities

KCW1_Front&Back_RGB Clay Wash (1)
Clay  Wash   is   a   natural   clay  based  facial   cleanser  using   Montmorillonite   clay.   Montmorillonite   clay  acts  like  a   natural   magnet  to  remove  dirt,  dead  skin  cells  and   oxidized  excess  sebum  without  stripping  off   your  natural  oils  and  moisture.   When   combined  with   key  ingredients   such  as   hyaluronic  acid,  squalene  and  other  beauty   ingredients,  the  result  is  a  multitasking  and  versatile  facial  cleanser  with  a  soft  gel  like  texture.  The   Clay  Wash   is  ideal  for  a  wide  range  of  skins  from  oily,  sensitive,  anti-­‐aging  and  adult  acne.     Clay  Wash  (150g/5.29o.z.)  –  Retail  Price:  S$57




STEP  2:  Moisturize



BQL1_Front&Back_RGB (1)
The  QuSome  Lotion  has  been  clinically  proven   to  moisturize  up  to  17  hours  a  day.  Thanks  to   the  Salicornia  Herbacea  extract  that  comprised   of  rich  minerals  and  moisturizing  ingredients  to   help  build  a  healthy  barrier  function.  This  lotion   also  carries  the  name  “QuSome®”  for  a  reason.   The  technology   used   is  special  and  is  an   advanced  form  of  QuSome®.  It  is  known  as “Charged  Qusome®”.  Normally,  QuSome®  encapsulates  ingredients  already  found  in  the  product.   “Charged  Qusome®”  latches  onto  the  next  beauty  ingredient  you  apply  and  penetrates  it  deep  into   your  skin.  This  lotion  compliments  the  next  product  you  use  while  moisturizing  your  skin.  It  is  a  must   have  for  any  skincare  routine  to  maximize  the  effects  of  any  skincare  brand.
QuSome  Lotion  (120mL/4.06fl.oz.)  –  Retail  Price:  $73.00




STEP  3:  Adjust  &  Tighten

CS1_Front&Back_RGB (1)
C  serum   has  sold  over  1.3  million  tubes   since  2010  and  continues  to  stay  strong  in   the   b.glen   line  up  around  the  world.   C   serum  is  a  highly  concentrated  pure  Vitamin   C  serum  that  comes  with  many  benefits.   Pure  Vitamin  C  promotes  collagen   production,  prevents  wrinkles  and  sagging,   suppressing   sebum  to  prevent  acne,  anti-­‐ aging  effects  and  many  more  benefits.  Vitamin  C  is  known  to  be  a  very  unstable  ingredient.  QuSome®   stabilizes  the  pure  Vitamin  C  and  allows  it  to  penetrate  deep  in  the  skin.  The  moment  you  apply  this   soothing  product  to  your  skin,  you  will  feel  a  warm  sensation  upon  contact.  C  serum  will  be  your  new   holy  grail.
C  serum  (15mL/0.5fl.oz.)  –  Retail  Price:  $67


STEP  4:  Brighten


EQH1_Front&Back_RGB (1)
QuSome  White  Essence   protects  and  reverses  UV   damages  for  spotless  skin.  This  product  is  considered  to   be  an  advanced  serum  due  to  being  a  hydroquinone   derivative  that  can  be  used  during  the  day.   This   ingredient  helps  protect  your  skin  from  the  formation   of  melanin  and  dark  spots.  The  rich  texture  of  the   QuSome  White  Essence  staves  the  causes  of  dullness,   dehydrated  skin,  capable  of  maintaining  a  spotless   complexion  that  radiates.  An  essential  step  in  creating   transparent  skin  is  to  increase  the  skin’s  natural  ability  to  reset  the  damaging  effects  by  ultraviolet   light.    QuSome  White  Essence  creates  this  transparency  by  reaching  into  the  depths  of  the  skin  and   resets  UV  damages.
QuSome  White  Essence  (15mL/0.5fl.oz.)  –  $73



STEP  5:  Seal


Lastly,  the   QuSome  Moisture  Rich   Cream  is  a  superior  and  lush  aging  care   cream  developed  for  the  generation   with  visible  deep  wrinkles  and  sagging   skin.   Aging  care  ingredients  such  as   peptides,  polyamines  are  formulated  with  QuSome®.  The  unique  blend  of  ingredients  thoroughly   soaks   deep   into  the  upper  layer  where  intense  moisture  from  the  skin’s  surface  penetrates  to   revitalize  the  skin.  Rich  in  texture,  it  restores  vitality  to  even  the  worse  sagging  skin  resulting  in  firm   skin  with  boosted  elasticity.  It  also  strengthens  the  barrier  function  to  protect  the  skin  from  external   irritation  and  dryness.
QuSome  Moisture  Rich  Cream  (30g/1.06oz.)  –  Retail  Price:  $103



Glow  beautifully  in  your  radiant  skin  this  New Year  with   b.glen’s  Brightening  Care   Series  and  save  your  photo-­‐ editing  time  to  spend  it  with  your  family!


Try  out  the  Brightening  Care  Series  with  their  Trial  Set   this  festive  season!

TWNSG_Set_Brightening Set (1)

The  Brightening  Care  Trial  Set  is  available  at  S$29  (U.P.   S$34) online, click the link:

Brightening Care Trial Set


Established  in  1994  in  Huntington  Beach  California,  b.glen  is  a  science  based  skincare  brand  that   effectively  ensures  their  skincare  collection  targets  every  possible  skin  concern  for  visibly  satisfying   results.  The  products  are  100%  made  in  Japan  using  the  latest  technology  from  the  United  States.   Their  formulations  deliver  the  necessary  ingredients  to  targeted  locations  below  the  skin’s  surface   using  advanced  penetration  technology.  b.glen  aims  to  provide  everybody  in  the  world  with  “Happy   Moments”.  By  using  b.glen’s  products,  customers  experience  compliments  from  their  friends  and   family  for  achieving  healthier  and  natural  looking  skin.  Their  mission  is  to  deliver  as  many  “happy   moments”  to  each  and  every  customer.  b.glen  is  the  solution  to  your  skin  problems.  A  Singapore   dedicated  website  was  launched  in  August  2019.  For  more  information,  do  check  out  their  website:



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