NEW SHOW | NOW YOU SEE ME LIVE ! | 21 May to 31 May 2020 Sands Theatre at Marina Bay Sands



We live in a world full of magic, it’s your turn to be spellbound…

Based on the worldwide blockbuster magic heist film franchise that has mesmerised the world, NOW YOU SEE ME LIVE is set to be the biggest touring magic show to ever premiere in Singapore .

Taking centre stage are the Horsemen, leading illusionists from around the world, who will recreate magic from the movie into a live stage spectacle featuring never-before-seen illusions.

This ground-breaking entertainment is an all-new immersive experience that will defy your senses.

Thu, 21 May – Sun, 31 May 2020



Approximately 150 minutes
(Including 20 min interval)

Promoter Name

Horsemen Premium : $200 – $230
VIP : $170 – $200
A Reserve : $140 – $170
B Reserve : $120 – $150
C Reserve : $100 – $110
D Reserve : $70 – $80
E Reserve : $50 – $60
VIP Box (4 seats) : $880 – $1000
A Reserve Box (4 seats) : $640- $760
Restricted View : $70 – $90


Bio of the performers


Enzo  Weyne

Forget everything you know and prepare to live an unprecedented experience though which all your senses will be put to the test. You will come to see that magic and illusion can be taken way ahead of mere entertainment.


Enzo held his first magic show at eleven years old, with humble resources. However, he wished to stage far more impressive illusions, and at a larger scale. Enzo decided to go toward studies that would allow him to master any skill that could help him build his own tricks. He spent a year as an engineering student during which he was taught how to draw up plans, to put his ideas down and to understand mechanics and electrotechnics. In the meantime, he was curious about psychology and the paranormal, but it was his performance on the TV Show France’s Got Talent, where his imagination and maturity stood out to both the audience and the jury.

A couple of years later, the audience of Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde was, in turn, mesmerized. This new publicity opened the doors to the most prestigious events in Europe, as well as the greatest international festivals. Enzo has been considered the rising star of magic since then. In 2013, he returned to France’s Got Talent, where he stupefied the jury and the audience again by making a helicopter appear on stage, an act that had never been seen before on television.


2015 was his year of recognition. At barely 26 years old, he stepped on the stage of the mythical Casino de Paris to premier his show, Beyond illusions. It was the starting point of an adventure of a lifetime.


Official site:




Florian Sainvet

Born in Bordeaux, France, Florian Sainvet began his career in magic at the age of sixteen, but it was while devouring his favorite science fiction films and universes at his beloved neighborhood cinema that he discovered his true calling as a futuristic manipulator and illusionist.


After three years of diligently honing his craft, Florian participated in the television series France’s Got Talent and wowed the judges and audience with his half man, half robot persona and act.  After finishing third in France’s Got Talent, Florian’s career sky-rocketed, bringing his cutting edge-style to the world’s stage at The World Championship of Magic where the leading Champion of France received a rousing standing ovation.


Florian’s unbridled passion and hard work coupled with his vanguard approach to manipulation and magic will leave you wondering… which universe is he really from?


Official site:




Sabine van Diemen

Sabine was born in Amsterdam, in Holland. She started in show business as a dancer for The Holland Show Ballet when she was 18 years old. Sabine’s exceptionally skills as well as striking looks have taken her all over the world. She has modeled and danced at events at the highest commercial and artistic level.


Sabine has been working in magic for over a decade. During this time she worked with master magician Hans Klok and won the prestigious Silver Clown at the Circus Festival in Monte Carlo.

Now an accomplished solo artist, Sabine has starred in the London West End show Impossible. She has toured through North-America and Canada with The Illusionists Live from Broadway and is one of the resident hosts and performers at Amsterdam Magic. She has starred in several TV shows such as Holland’s got Talent, Le plus Grand Cabaret du Monde, Saturday Night Live and was seen on the BBC.


Sabine has been described as “one of the most extraordinary and talented performers in magic” with her amazing performances, escapes, illusions and mindgames she continues to live up to that with every performance and in an industry so dominated by men. That in itself, is no mean feat.


Instagram: @Sabinevandiemen




David Climent
A full member of the world’s oldest magic society, The Magic Circle  of London, David Climent , was awarded with the prestigious Merlin Award for “Best Stage Magician” 2015 by the IMS  (International Magicians Society), an award that was presented at the Benidorm Palace on June the 5th by Tony Hassini, chairman & CEO of the IMS. This award is considered one of the highest recognition’s in the world of magic, with names such as David Copperfield, Chris Angel, Penn & Teller, and Doug Henning as past recipients.


Born in England, and fluent in English, Spanish, French and with a high standard in Italian, David Climent provides a cutting-edge, modern and lightning fast performance everytime he steps foot on stage, providing the public with the WOW factor they are aiming to see.


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