Thai-pore Enterprise Announces Special CNY Promotional Price for Hong Yun Lang Baijiu as well as Innovative Baijiu Cocktails and Desserts at Xi Yan Maxwell



Thai-pore Enterprise Pte Ltd (Thai-pore) – a leading distributor and marketer of premium beers, wines and tobaccos in Southeast Asia – has announced a special Chinese New Year (CNY) promotional price for its Hong Yun Lang range of baijiu which will be available at Xi Yan Maxwell.

Made in China’s Sichuan province, Langjiu draws on the ancient craft of baijiu distillation to produce the highly sought after crystal clear spirit possessing the distiller’s signature “sauce” style baijiu. It is highly fragrant, slightly sour and has forward umami notes similar to soy sauce.

Hong Yun (meaning “good luck” in Mandarin) Lang – a thirty-year aged variety of Langjiu – will be available to Xi Yan Maxwell diners at S$888 per bottle instead of its usual price of S$1,888 per bottle. This discounted price will be available to all diners from 1 January 2020 – 29 February 2020.

Besides the CNY promotional price for its Hong Yun Lang range of baijiu, Xi Yan Maxwell has made several baijiu desserts and cocktails available as part of its permanent menu. These desserts and cocktails include:

  • Lang 1898: Served refreshingly cold in a bowl that contains a glutinous rice ball, Lang 1898 is an ode to the traditional Chinese dessert called “tangyuan” that consists of glutinous rice balls made from flour served in a sweet, syrupy soup. Xi Yan Maxwell’s interpretation of the dessert is served with a sweet, aged ginger soup infused with Langjiu 10 instead.
  • Soulmate: A mix of Chambord black raspberry liqueur, cranberry juice, Langjiu-infused syrup, butterfly pea-infused syrup and lemon juice, this fruity baijiu cocktail is a harmonious blend of citrus flavours and the forward umami notes of Langjiu’s signature “sauce” style baijiu.
  • Calligraphy: A creamy chocolate, hazelnut and coffee-flavoured cocktail that consists of Kahlua, Frangelico, dark chocolate liqueur, Langjiu-infused syrup, Hong Hua Lang 10 and a dash of espresso.

Thai-pore representative Audrey Kuah said, “Although baijiu is the world’s most consumed spirit with 10.8 billion litres sold in China in 2017, it is still a relatively uncommon spirit beyond China’s borders. However, with Singaporeans known for being receptive to new F&B trends and offerings, I am positive that the promotional price for Hong Yun Lang, as well as the inclusion of baijiu cocktails and baijiu-infused desserts on Xi Yan Maxwell’s menu will entice Singaporeans to have their first taste of this traditional Chinese liquor during their Lunar New Year celebrations.”

Thomas Choong, Executive Director of Xi Yan Pte Ltd, added, “Working together with Langjiu enables us to provide our diners with something new and different. We have always prided ourselves with being able to create innovative offerings and are keen to have our guests experience the taste of this traditional Chinese liquor alongside the restaurant’s dishes, and through our Chinese New Year baijiu-infused desserts and cocktails.”


Thai-pore Enterprise Pte Ltd (Thai-pore) has been established since 1968 and is one of the leading distributors and marketers of premium alcohol. The company has an extensive network and the team is led by a management team with collective experience in the importation, distribution and marketing of beers, wines and tobaccos in the Asia region while holding key leadership positions specifically in Southeast Asia.

Thai-pore has two local offices in Southeast Asia, with its head office located in Singapore. The company owns warehouses in multiple markets and has full control of its logistics and supply chain hub.


The Sichuan Langjiu Group (Langjiu) is a large scale modern enterprise whose main business involves the manufacturing and marketing of various “Lang” brand of alcoholic beverages. Langjiu’s rich history can be traced as far back as 1898 in China, and its craft of distilling baijiu has been passed down from generation to generation. Today, Langjiu has close to 30 distilling masters and tasting masters who use centuries-old techniques to produce its “Lang” brand of alcoholic beverages.



Having hosted diners for 13 years with Xi Yan private dining, Xi Yan Maxwell is a brand new flagship dining experience with three exciting social spaces: Private DiningGeneral Dining, as well as Bar and Bistro. Located at Maxwell Chambers Suites – a conserved heritage building – a charming and relaxed dining experience awaits all diners. Each dining experience will take diners on a different culinary journey – whether it’s indulging in a carefully curated private dining signature menu, enjoying a casual comfort meal or simply relaxing at its bar over tapas and drink.

  • Private Dining continues to exclusively showcase Xi Yan’s quintessential culinary innovation by celebrity chef Jacky Yu to guests who desire a creative dining experience.
  • General Dining welcomes groups who frequently gather to enjoy Xi Yan’s signature dishes in a charming yet casual environment.
  • Bar and Bistro is a brand new urban hideout concept that is perfect for friends who want to relax and enjoy delectable tapas, as well as rare, award-winning vintage wines and whiskeys.


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