Google Assistant on Sonos is finally here! The Brilliant Sound Experience Pop Up let you experience, inquire about, and be blown away by all things Sonos.



The Brilliant Sound Experience let you experience, inquire about, and be blown away by all things Sonos.

That’s not all! They are bringing you exciting workshops, from how to create the perfect smart home, to how to build a sound system for your house.

Sonos Smarts Workshop (9 &16 Nov, Sat, 4pm)
Learn how to integrate the Google Assistant to your Sonos smart system
Creating the Perfect Smart Home (9 & 10 Nov, Sat & Sun, 2-3pm)
Get help from The Two Big Guys to automate your smart homes
Sonos Hacks – Basic Sonos Introduction (10 & 17 Nov, Sun, 4pm)
For all Sonos newbies, this one’s for you! Learn how to calibrate your speakers, set alarms and other tricks
Coffee Giveaway (11-15 Nov, Mon-Fri, 12-2pm)
Get a free cuppa when you try out voice commands on the Google Assistant on Sonos!
Tips for Building a Home Sound System (14 & 15 Nov, Thu & Fri, 7.30pm)
Experience different ways you can set up a sound system at home. Bring your floor plan along!
Introduction to Interior Design & Home Renovation (16 & 17 Nov, Sat & Sun, 2-3pm)
Learn what to look out for when you’re renovating your home with The Two Big Guys



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This is the pop-up you won’t wanna miss.




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