Visit Korea Committee: Promotions for Flight Ticket, Accommodation, Activity Program Now in Place for Korea Grand Sale 2020




Come to Korea and Enjoy Shopping, Culture, and Tourism!

Korea Grand Sale 2020, an annual shopping, culture, and tourism festival for foreign tourists, will be held by the Visit Korea Committee for 45 days from January 16 (Thursday) to February 29 (Saturday) next year across the country.


The 100-day countdown to the grand opening of the event began with promotions under its catchphrase “Inviting You to the Korea Grand Sale.”

The early-bird promotion offers up to 95 percent discounts on tickets sold by eight Korean airlines for flights to Korea from overseas on about 100 routes. The hotel promotion offers up to 80 percent discounts plus an extra 10 percent markdown for rooms at about 200 hotels in Korea. These promotions will raise the delight of the trip to Korea.

Plenty of fun programs offering hands-on experiences with K-pop, Korean culture and K-Wave (Hallyu) contents are now prepared. These include K-pop Star Training programs, K-beauty tryout programs, gourmet tours of Korea and indoor/outdoor activities for winter season. These various programs will surely attract a lot of foreign tourists.

Details are available at the official homepage of the Korea Grand Sale (

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