Buccellati Jewels & Silver Art Preview At The Ritz Carlton Hotel Singapore Along With The Brand’s 100th Anniversary Celebration



To celebrate the centenary of the House, founded in 1919, Buccellati has planned a series of memorable celebrations. At Ritz Carlton Hotel Singapore, Luca Buccellati, Buccellati family member, and Tina Tan Leo, Singapore fashion retailer, jointly invite guests to preview the exquisite craftsmanship of Buccellati jewels & silver art and celebrate the brand’s 100th anniversary.


Buccellati, the famous Italian high-jewellery brand, celebrates its hundredth anniversary this year since being founded by Mr. Mario Buccellati (1891-1965) in 1919. The first Buccellati boutique opened in Milan, Largo Santa Margherita, next to the famous La Scala Theatre. In these 100 years, Buccellati has always stood by its unique and unmistakable style, which takes inspiration from ancient goldsmithing techniques like engraving and the openwork that date back to the Renaissance era. In honour of its hundredth anniversary, Buccellati launched “Limited Edition” pendants from the Opera Color collection, uniquely designed “Buccellati Cut” diamonds as well as the to-be-launched new Vintage Collection.

Passing on a Heritage of Craftsmanship

Mario Buccellati, the founder of this family-owned business, had always been fascinated by the forgotten jewellery-making techniques from ancient Greece, the Middle Age, or his favourite era, the Renaissance. Though inspired by the classic style of these times, he never sought to imitate the jewels of the Renaissance, but rather to reinterpret them by combining his interest in Venetian art. Each of his creations held a rich, textural quality and resembled beautiful fabrics, damasks and delicate Venetian laces. The age-old engraving and chiselling techniques were incorporated into a mix of precious stones and metals for an unusual yet extraordinary effect.


Until today, the brand’s reverence for ancient craftsmanship techniques, and the laser focus on jewellery design has long run through the generations of the Buccellati family. Forty years ago, Mr. Gianmaria Buccellati, son of Mr. Mario Buccellati, designed the Macri collection and named it after his daughter, Ms. Maria Cristina. Ms. Lucrezia Buccellati, representing the fourth generation of the Buccellati family, works side by side with her father, Mr. Andrea Buccellati, to interpret the Buccellati style with a touch of modernity and trendiness, but never forgetting the tradition and workmanship that remain core to the jewellery house.

Centennial Celebrations with House’s Collection

The centennial celebrations will be marked by the launch of the Vintage Collection. The events will also coincide with a unique exhibition of historical artefacts from Mario, Gianmaria and Andrea Buccellati’s personal collection. Alongside this extensive archive, every piece in the Vintage collection will be accompanied by a special certificate of guarantee that will record a picture of the creation and a copy of its original document. The creations will be supplied in their original boxes, if restoration was successful, or in replicas.

To celebrate this milestone, Buccellati has collaborated with some of the most skilled diamond cutters to create a collection of trademarked diamonds called the “Buccellati Cut”. The shape of these pieces will resemble the House’s logo and the collection that is to be set with these unique “Buccellati Cut” diamonds was launched during Haute Couture Week in Paris. All “Buccellati Cut” diamonds will come with a certificate issued by the prestigious Gemmological Institute of America (GIA), which will detail the profile of the stone and the title of this cut, defined by the GIA itself as the “Buccellati Cut”.

Buccellati has also designed a whimsical collection of “Limited Edition” pendants, inspired by one of Buccellati’s most iconic lines, the Opera Color collection. Highlighting the Renaissance rosette, the emblem of the House, the pieces embody a selection of lush colours with precious stones such as fluorescent enamels, agate and coloured marble.

To celebrate a landmark 100 years since its establishment, Buccellati invites you to take a trip down a memory lane to revel in the fascinating Buccellati masterpieces across different eras.



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