De Majestic Vines appointed the sole distributor for highly acclaimed sake label, Kamoshibito Kuheiji, across Asia



Yamada 40 kanochi

De Majestic Vines is proud to be appointed the sole distributor for highly acclaimed sake label, Kamoshibito Kuheiji, across Asia.

Kuheiji is a family name that has been handed down from generation to generation for more than 300 years. The family started brewing sake since 1647 and Banjo Jozo, the brewery, is now in the hands of Mr. Kuheiji Kuno. Today, Kuheiji is one of the most sought-after sake brands in Japan and France.

Mr. Kuheiji Kuno working in the rice fields

As the 15th generation owner of Banjo Jozo, Mr. Kuno is determined to elevate sake to the world stage, one cuisine at a time. A cult brewer in Japan who is deeply influenced by the French wine culture and techniques, Mr. Kuno hopes to have Kuheiji sake enjoyed with different cuisines and not just Japanese food. He believes that the beauty in sake is in the whole brewing process, which begins from the sake rice.


Koji 3

Every sake under the Kuheiji name embodies Mr. Kuno’s philosophy of sake craftsmanship: devotion to handcrafted sake, meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality. From growing their own rice to koji making, the Kuheiji sake making process is entirely human-monitored and handmade.

“We are very honoured to have Kuheiji onboard as our partner,” says Sean Ou, Head of Territory & Product Development for De Majestic Vines. “Being able to gain the trust of such a highly-revered brand was no easy feat for a fairly new player in the market, but we are glad to gain the trust of Kuno-san to promote his product in Southeast Asia. And we are confident in our abilities as distributor to strengthen Kuheiji’s position as the premium sake of choice, one that consumers will know to be of high quality and reverence.”

As the popularity of Japanese cuisine continues to rise globally, international fans and devotees of sake have proliferated, and many are going for premium sakes, such as the Junmai Ginjo and Junmai Daiginjo. Banjo Jozo mainly produces Junmai Daiginjo: premium sake with minimum 50 per cent polishing ratio.
Yamada 50Yamada 45 - humanYamada 40 kanochiYamada 35 betsurasuraeYamada 30 hinokishi

De Majestic Vines carries five sakes from Kuheiji, namely: Yamadanishiki 30 Hinokishi, Yamadanishiki 35 Betsu Atsurae, Yamadanishiki 40 Kanochi, Yamadanishiki 45 Human, Omachi 50 Sauvage. Kuheiji’s Junmai Daiginjo has an instantly identifiable fragrant and fruity nose. Its smoother texture and lighter palate make it a versatile beverage suitable for array of cuisines – Italian, French, even local delicacies like chicken rice or fried carrot cake.

With presence in 14 different countries in the region, De Majestic Vines is emerging as the fastest growing wine, spirits and sake importer and distributor, with over 100 products from all around the world in our portfolio. De Majestic Vines is the authorised exclusive distributor of Kuheiji in Asia.




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