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Fans of SunnyHills rejoice! On 8 October 2019, SunnyHills, best known for their Taiwanese Pineapple Cakes, will officially reopen their doors at Raffles Hotel. Previously located at Raffles Hotel Arcade on the third floor, SunnyHills has since then moved and relocated to Raffles Hotel, 3 Seah Street, facing famous Hainanese chicken rice shops.
SunnyHills returns with their famous hospitality of a cup of freshly brewed Oolong tea and their signature Pineapple Cake. Take a little time out for yourself or meet friends there and reminisce your trips to Taiwan’s laid-back café lifestyle and be treated warmly by their friendly staff.

SunnyHills’ products are baked from scratch, starting with SunnyHills’ “earth” pineapples that are non-GMO, organically grown and sourced directly from farmers to ensure sustainability. Without using any FAKE ingredients in any of their products, they proudly coin this a Taste Of Sunshine.

Along with the official reopening, SunnyHills will also introduce FORBIDDEN, as part of their World Project. SunnyHills’ World Project shares not only SunnyHills’ belief in giving back to the Land and its People through sustainable goals, but also their philosophy by working with partners across the world who share the same passion for the environment and ensures that their farmers do not use pesticides or preservatives, promising only the most honest products.
With that in mind, SunnyHills partnered up with durian plantations in Pahang, Malaysia and executive pastry chef Danny Ho to create FORBIDDEN. Danny Ho is a Malaysian pastry chef who specializes in French pastry, but utilizing Durians. Amongst many other distinctions, Danny through his durian creations, was honored as the PATA Face of the Future in 2016 – an award given to an exceptional ‘rising star’ in the travel industry – and received a Gold with Distinction Award in Pastry Professional Showpiece in the Hong Kong International Culinary Classic 2011.
FORBIDDEN aims to bring everyone on an unforgettable adventure by featuring the bold, imaginative flavors from the durians and they honor the durians by creating only the best durian experience that they know. Under FORBIDDEN, they have the D24 Durian Rolls, that is already on the shelves, and the Mao Shan Wang Durian Roulades that will be unveiled at their official reopening. These are SunnyHills’ first tropical, non-pineapple products to be sold since they started selling the Pineapple Cakes in 2009.


The D24 Durian Rolls is a finely rolled Japanese langue de cookie that is baked with all-natural ingredients and premium D24 durians. The durian’s sensuous aroma and taste are paired perfectly with a buttery, light texture, leaving the D24 Durian Rolls a sophisticated and addictive treat.



The Mao Shan Wang Durian Roulade is a Pandan-Kaya infused flavored Castella cake that is filled with generous amounts of Mao Shan Wang. One whole mid-sized Mao Shan Wang durian can only make one Mao Shan Wang Durian Roulade.
Dig in and enjoy the soft, fluffiness of the Pandan-Kaya cake and let the fragrant aroma from the durian leave you wanting for more. Even non-durian lovers will be able to enjoy the Mao Shan Wang Durian Roulade as the durian aroma doesn’t leave its typical, strong aroma in the air or in your breath. You will be able to taste the goodness of the durians as it melts in your mouth, leaving you yearning for another bite.
To enjoy a lighter taste of the durian, have it as an ice-cream cake, or it can be consumed immediately upon opening. For durian lovers who would like to enjoy the Mao Shan Wang durian, the cake should be defrosted about 7 – 10minutes before consumption.
The D24 Durian Rolls and Mao Shan Wang Durian Roulade is available for purchase at SunnyHills boutiques located at:
• SunnyHills Singapore Flagship store at Raffles Hotel, 3 Seah Street, Singapore 188379

• 391 Orchard Road, #B2-27A, Ngee Ann City Tower B, Takashimaya S.C., Singapore 238874
Each box of Mao Shan Wang Durian Roulade is retailing at: • S$47 (GST included)

Each box of D24 Durian Rolls is retailing at: • 8pcs $12.50 (GST included) • 20pcs $29 (GST included)


SunnyHills believes in making honest-to-goodness food, working directly with farmers to incentivize them to grow their produce organically thereby protecting the lands for future generations of farmers. Their trademark pineapple cakes use a special variety of pineapples, On the red-earthed farms of Bagua Mountain a high sun beats down all year round. Here, Taiwan’s earth pineapples 土凤梨 get sun-basked to a natural ripening. The fruit is veined through with fiber, and robust with a taste and texture that is truly unique to this land. A patient simmering turns these pineapples into a golden paste- sweet or piquant, retaining the flavors of the seasons. The rest of their ingredients are always of simple origins, like the grass-fed butter from New Zealand, or refined Japanese Flour to the most premium plump-yoked eggs, each one TAP-certified and traceable to its origins. Through their baker’s expertise of over 50 years, these ingredients are transformed into delights without any artificial additives. They call this – A Taste of Sunshine. SunnyHills believes in giving back to its land and people through responsible farming and fairtrade practices. Through all of its agricultural and business operations, it employs local villagers and farmer on the estate. To date, on top of its own pineapple farm, SunnyHills works with 800 small family farms in the region. All pineapples used by SunnyHills are sent to the laboratory to ensure they are pesticide-free. For more information on SunnyHills, please visit:

Website: Facebook: Instagram:

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  1. Chef Danny : We are currently working on creating a gourmet chocolate made with Durians. Durian chocolates are not a new commodity and the current ones now are made with lower quality chocolate that often uses palm oil.

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