RED BULL VITALISES THE BODY AND MIND WITH THE COCONUT EDITION Red Bull The Coconut Edition gives you the wings you need to get through the day with the taste of coconut and berry, available from 1 October 2019.

Red Bull Coconut Berry Single Unit Tray LR.jpeg


Red Bull Product of Europe unveils the latest in their Editions Series with Red Bull The Coconut Edition (starts from $2.90), featuring a revitalising coconut and berry flavour that delivers a smooth, fruity take on the classic Red Bull Energy Drink.

Red Bull is available in 170 countries worldwide and more than six billion cans were consumed last year. Developed for times of increased exertion, Red Bull is appreciated by top athletes, race car drivers, and active adults and harried students alike. A 250ml can of Red Bull Energy Drink contains 80 mg of caffeine, equivalent to a home-brewed cup of coffee.

Winning over new and existing consumers with a tropical twist on Red Bull’s traditional flavour, The Coconut Edition offers the same boost of caffeine, taurine and B-group vitamins perfect for the hot Singapore weather. The Coconut Edition has an initial taste profile of coconut before blooming into an aromatic berry that offers a fresh, floral and creamy finish. This product offers a delicious option for every palate new to the energy drink category, or fans currently enjoying a Red Bull Energy Drink while juggling the demands of daily life.
Perfect as a drink mixer, pair The Coconut Edition with a spirit of choice such as rum, vodka or gin for a thoroughly refreshing aperitif or a pre-gaming libation to help partiers last all night long.

The design of the can has also had an overhaul, with a new white aesthetic with silver details. The iconic bull still features but instead of duelling at the centre of the design it is pictured leaping above.

Red Bull The Coconut Edition will be sold exclusively at 7-Eleven and select venues from 1 October, while stocks last.

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