Marriott International’s Asia Pacific Top 52 Restaurants and Bars at Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

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52 destinations, 52 one-of-a-kind dining experiences in Marriott International’s Top 52 Restaurants and Bars by Marriott Bonvoy; a curated list showcasing the best of the best, one-of-a-kind dining and mixology experiences at unforgettable destinations across the Asia Pacific region. Throughout each week from August 7, 2019 to February 16, 2020, the top restaurants and bars of Marriott International hotels in Asia Pacific will feature dining experiences, workshops, chef’s tables and other events to provide inspirations for food lovers to pack their bags for exciting, F&B-focused getaways.

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant 万豪軒 is privileged to be amongst Marriott International’s Asia Pacific Top 52 Restaurants & Bars. Being one of the finest dining destinations that every gourmand should make multiple trips to, the award-winning Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant has never failed to create brilliant experiences for all our guests, alongside exquisite Cantonese culinary masterpieces and thoughtful service.

In celebration of this award, Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant created a special celebratory menu comprising of prized poultry and seafood delicacies that incorporate both Cantonese and Western influences.

Asia Pacific Top 52 Restaurants & Bars Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant Celebratory Menu 30 September to 6 October $108++ per person

Kick start the gastronomic journey and luxuriate in pure gastronomic bliss with a Trio Platter featuring Roast Honey Black Char Siew, Deep-Fried Suckling Pig stuffed with Shrimp Paste & Caviar and Black Garlic Irish Roast Duck (蜜汁 黑叉烧/鱼子百花乳猪/黑金蒜爱尔兰鸭). Deliciously tender and juicy, the Roast Honey Black Char Siew releases bursts of flavour with every bite. It is well-charred and the blackened crispy pork loin edges provide an added smokey flavour to the dish. Accompanying the Black Char Siew is the “Wagyu of Ducks” – Black Garlic Irish Roast Duck that boasts succulent meat with an aromatic fragrance. Bred in controlled breeding environments and with strict diets of soya bean and wheat, Irish ducks are meatier and contain more fats, which keeps the duck moist during the roasting process. Earthy and tangy, with a mildy sweet flavour, this poultry is marinated with Black Garlic that is renowned for its antioxidant properties and ability to lower cholesterol.

Soups are an important element and a staple in Cantonese cuisine. Another highlight to look forward to is the nutritionpacked Double-Boiled Fish Maw with Boletus Mushroom in Almond Superior Soup accompanied with Assorted Mushroom Dumpling (牛肝菌杏液炖花胶伴野菌锅贴). Double boiled for 4 to 6 hours with traditional Cantonese ingredients such as conpoy, old chicken, chicken feet and more, the superior stock is enhanced with premium fish maw and almond – boosting the level of nourishment and collagen to new heights. Boletus mushroom, a popular ingredient in the western regions is subsequently add to elevate the flavour of the soup.

Another refreshing yet familiar and tasty delicacy is the Braised Beef Short Ribs with Sha-Cha Sauce and Braised Premium Abalone with Kombu Sauce (昆布南非鲍鱼伴肥牛). Stir-fried beef with Sha-Cha Sauce is a well-loved Cantonese creation in the 1980s and 1990s. Bringing back this old popular favourite, but enhancing its flavour and richness, American boneless beef short ribs are used in this creation. The beef short ribs are braised for three hours and baked for another three minutes before it is served. Braising allows the beef to be soft and tender while baking removes the excess oil in the beef. Next, sink your fork into the fleshy meat of a 30-Head African Premium Abalone paired with Kombu Sauce. Light and refreshing, the sauce boosts the natural sweetness of the abalone.

Crab is another popular ingredient that holds a place in the hearts of many Singaporean. With this in mind, the WokFried Rice with Crab Meat in Mini Pumpkin and Crab Claw with Pumpkin Sauce (金瓜奶黄蟹钳伴金盅鲜蟹炒丝 苗) may just be the one that will make your heart skip a beat! The wok hei fragrance of the Fried Rice comes with a generous amount of crab meat, while the sweet flavours from the mini pumpkin heightens the umami taste. The trick is to enjoy the Wok-Fried Rice with Crab Meat along with the flesh of the mini pumpkin. This treat is complemented with a Crab Claw with Pumpkin Sauce.

For those who are health conscious and are looking for a guilt-free treat, look no further than the Chilled Flower Tea Jelly with Rosella Sorbet (洛神花雪芭伴花茶冻). Known to prevent hypertension, rosella is a good source to lower blood pressure and reduces blood sugar levels. For the sweet finale, look forward to the Bird’s Nest Custard Puff (燕 窝奶皇花酥). Freshly baked from the oven, the soft creamy egg custard with buttery, crumbly crust is topped with premium bird’s nest that will have you yearning for more.

All prices stated above are subject to 10% service charge and 7% Goods & Services Tax (GST) unless otherwise stated.


SINGAPORE MARRIOTT TANG PLAZA HOTEL 320 Orchard Road, Singapore 238865 Tel: (65) 6735 5800 Fax: (65) 6735 9800

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