Jackson Wang Night Shooting_17


FENDI announces the launch of a special Capsule Collection created in collaboration with Jackson Wang, popular singer, songwriter and the Maison’s brand ambassador in China.

Realized under the Creative Direction of Silvia Venturini Fendi, the Capsule Collection combines Jackson Wang’s cool and recognizable style with the FENDI DNA, giving life to modern and luxurious pieces that break the boundaries between fashion and music.

01_FENDI x Jackson Wang Capsule Collection_Baguette bag $459003_FENDI x Jackson Wang Capsule Collection_Cap $67006_FENDI x Jackson Wang Capsule Collection_T-Shirt $105007_FENDI x Jackson Wang Capsule Collection_Jacket $169008_FENDI x Jackson Wang Capsule Collection_Mask $29009_FENDI X Jackson Wang Capsule Collection_Sweatshirt $185010_FENDI X Jackson Wang Capsule Collection_Sweatshirt $1500

The black colour and the tone-on-tone iconic FF logo – used all-over or in the form of a band – are the main signatures of this Capsule Collection which features a selection of ready-to-wear pieces, a Baguette bag – which just made its debut for Men – a clutch and a baseball hat, as well as running sneakers and slide sandals. A special ‘FENDI Team Wang’ logo adds an exclusive touch to all pieces.

Black velvet and chenille define the looks of the Capsule, including a formal suit and more easy-to-wear and comfortable pieces like jumpers, t-shirts and trousers. The accessories include a black leather Baguette bag with the FF logo in velvet, embroidered on the frontal flap. The same workmanship is used on the hand strap of a black leather clutch.

Peppered by the FF logo and velvety details, the shoes showcase the Maison’s attention to details and love for experimentation: the running sneakers are realized in technical knit, whilst the slide sandals feature an innovative air sole.
A baseball hat in chenille with the FF logo all-over completes the accessories’ offer.

The FENDI x Jackson Wang Capsule Collection will be launching in 33 selected FENDI boutiques and on fendi.cn starting from July 20th, 2019.

Jackson Wang Night Shooting_12

To celebrate the launch of the FENDI x Jackson Wang Capsule Collection, from July 19th to July 28th, a special and playful panda installation titled FENDIDI, exclusively designed by FENDI and artist Oscar Wang, will stand at the entrance of Shamao Street at Chengdu IFS. About 3.3 meters high and 2 meters wide, the artistic installation is in the shape of a cuboid and encapsulate by glass walls. Sentence beginning with “F IS FOR…” and completed by FUN, FRIENDS, FANTASY, FUNK are intricately decorated on the installation in huge FF shape, elaborating the passion and romance of the Maison. The green transparent installation in the hands of the FENDIDI is the scaled down Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana – FENDI’s headquarter in Rome. Peppered with iconic FF logo and wearing the cross-body Men’s Baguette from the FENDI x Jackson Wang Capsule collection, FENDIDI is a real trendsetter.





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