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In conjunction with Singapore’s milestone bicentennial year, Takashimaya Department Store welcomes all to take part in its lucky cat-themed celebrations, 200 Lucky Cats come to Singapore, from Thu 1 Aug to Mon 12 Aug 2019. This high-tech event is set to showcase the diversity, talent and potential of Singapore’s youth, with its opening day ceremony on Thu 1 Aug to be graced by Guest of Honour HER EXCELLENCY MDM HALIMAH YACOB, PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE


For centuries the Japanese Lucky Cat figures have been known throughout
Asia as a symbol of prosperity, harmony and good luck. Usually found in offices, homes and at business storefronts, a Lucky Cat figurine’s beckoning gesture is a delightful and inviting sight for all. Similarly, Takashimaya Department Store welcomes all good things to come in a union of past, present and future: building on invaluable traditions to cultivate Singapore’s youths of today, in anticipation of welcoming a brighter, better tomorrow.

Next-generation minds in action

For twelve days only, the mall’s premises at the iconic Ngee Ann City
landmark will be transformed into a mega art exhibition to showcase the works
of 200 local Institute of Technical Education design school students. The entire
process of planning and executing these students’ ideas took all of six months
to complete, culminating in the 200 Lucky Cats come to Singapore exhibition
and charity auction that represents the fruits of their labour.

Featuring the students’ own ‘Uniquely Singapore’ interpretations of the
maneki-neko (Lucky Cats), these artworks were created using materials
mainly sponsored by Takashimaya Department Store, presenting the
opportunity for Singapore’s next generation of youths to work their creative
chops. 20 chosen Lucky Cat designs will also be brought to life at the event
with the ingenuity of students from The Little Arts Academy using Augmented
Reality technology, allowing all attendees to directly engage in a multi
sensorial experience that brings the students’ one-of-a-kind creations into the
real world.
Creativity for a cause
200 Lucky Cats come to Singapore, more importantly, aims to impart and embolden the spirit of giving. All art pieces will be up for auction during the event, allowing guests to bid for each item in real-time with the simple scan of a QR code. The resultant proceeds will benefit aspiring young artists and ITE students in Singapore via The Business Times Budding Artists Fund as well as the ITE Education Fund. This comes as Takashimaya Department Store seeks to bring a fresh, technologically-advanced experience to the public while also projecting a meaningful vision of, and hopes for, Singapore’s future and its generations to come.

“The 200 ITE design students and their lecturers have worked extremely hard
on putting this project together over the past six months, and Takashimaya
Department Store is proud to have helped see their efforts through to fruition.
We also have 14 outstanding, innovative individuals, with a strong interest in
the arts — and whose AR course training programmes were supported by The
Little Arts Academy – to thank for creating this magical AR technology
experience for everyone,” says Mr.Tatsuya Hayafuji, Senior Division Manager,
Advertising & Promotion Division.
“As a first-of-its-kind event at Takashimaya Department Store, through 200
Lucky Cats come to Singapore we endeavor to not only provide an avenue for
learning and creative expression for our homegrown talents, but also
contribute to society with this meaningful and engaging occasion. This, inline
with the Singapore Bicentennial spirit of ‘giving back’ is part of our mission to
promote a caring, generous and philanthropic heart among our local youths,
as they continue to expand on the foundational successes of the nation this
Singapore Bicentennial,” he adds.


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