evian® celebrates multi-dimensional spirit of millennials with Asia’s super star Ella Chen


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evian®, the No.1 Global brand in Mineral Bottled Water1, has unveiled the launch of a brand-new creative in Asia, themed “I Wanna #Liveyoung”, which embraces diverse, multi-dimensional attitudes towards life. The campaign officially launched at a regional media event in Taiwan on [11th July 2019].

evian®’s I Wanna #Liveyoung campaign is inspired by and celebrates the multi-dimensional spirit of millennials and their multi-hyphenate mindset. Defined as living a life full of vitality and experiences, a multi-hyphenate is insatiably curious, playful and has a progressive approach to life. They live multiple lifestyles spanning multiple disciplines – such as travel, entrepreneurship, fashion, health and wellness. Never confining themselves, they are the ones who say, “I Wanna”.

Evian I Wanna Carousel 1

Despite increasing pressure to excel and conform to societal expectations, Millennials in Singapore are determined to live a full and purposeful life2. The campaign positions evian® as one of the enablers of a life of one’s own design, giving people a moment of respite from this pressure. Their desire to achieve what they want with confidence and power relates closely to evian’s spirit of #LiveYoung.

Sharing more about the campaign’s creative vision, Franck Escudier, Marketing Director, evian® International said “evian®’s I Wanna #Liveyoung campaign celebrates those who do not settle for just one path. It’s for the multifaceted, the ones with aspirations and a thirst for life. Our youths today embrace an inspirational attitude — to be and do what they want, paving their own way in life — that is a true testament to living young with evian®.”
Embracing The Multi-Hyphenate Lifestyle

Evian I Wanna Carousel 3

The new creative features eye-catching, modern and playful visuals brought to life with evian®’s ambassador, Ella Chen – Taiwanese popular singer, actress, and founder of Ehalo Entertainment. Speaking recently on 17th June 2019, at her first-ever birthday party since her singing debut seventeen years ago, Ella said “I believe all of us embody a multi-hyphenate lifestyle deep within and there isn’t just one thing that defines us. As an entrepreneur, artiste, mother and fitness coach. the multi-hyphenate lifestyle is more than a label; it is an attitude that involves the heart, body and soul. I’m excited to be collaborating with evian® as we embrace the multi-dimensional spirit, while at the same time adopt values of satisfying our insatiable curiosity to do what we ‘wanna’ do.”
Evian I Wanna Carousel 2

WIN A TRIP TO ANYWHERE! (Islandwide Promotion)

As part of the campaign’s activation, evian® will be offering a trip to anywhere in the world – enabling a starting point for anyone to define how they want to do things on their own terms, and be inspired to explore a possible career or lifestyle path. From now till 30th September 2019, stand a chance to win a trip to anywhere in the world, worth $5,000 (flights and hotels) with every purchase of 2 bottles of evian® natural mineral water.

To participate, all you have to do is:

Step 1: Purchase two bottles of evian® natural mineral water from any participating retail outlet Step 2: Scan the QR code on the bottle necktag or visit https://winatriptoanywhere.evian.com/en_sg to register your details and receipt number

Remember to set your account to ‘Public’ for your entry to be visible. The contest is exclusive to Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents only. Please refer to the contest’s Terms and Conditions.

For more information, visit https://www.evian.com/.




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