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One of this season’s trend is celestial illusion, an ethereal and graceful world where colours flow freely and light dances on surfaces in dream-like wonder. Delicate layering of material and textured reliefs build on an otherworldly narrative, bordering on the edge of pure magic. The illusion is manifested in movement, rendered through fluid material and radiating colours that range from soft to explosive.

Emporio Armani features a pair of urban and futuristic sunglasses (top row, left) that echoes the colours of this trend. The metal frame of the sunglasses feature an intriguing high wavy bridge and even more unique irregular oversized lenses with a colour contrast transparent nylon detail at the top.

From Prada, highlights include sunglasses (top row, middle) from the Prada Maquillage collection that draws inspiration from the fashion show’s original theme and remains true to the iconic large, wraparound silhouette. The front’s sinuous profiles frame the face of the wearer, while a bold metal detail stands out on the bridge.

Oliver Peoples present Coliena (top row, right), a striking pair of oversized sunglasses. The round lens shape emphasises the vivid gradient lenses and its rimless feature makes it seem like the eyewear is floating on its wearer’s nose bridge, alluding to the trend’s airy light feeling.

Explore the trend with eyewear from Ray-Ban, Oliver Peoples, Emporio Armani, Coach, Miu Miu and Prada.

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