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The year 2018 heralded the 10th anniversary of Monte Carlo Yachts’ foundation. At the beginning of April 2019, Asia Yachting – MCY’s dealer in Hong Kong – organized a series of celebrations to honor the brand’s 10th anniversary in Asia. Opening with an MCY boat show from April 5th to 7th at Club Marina Cove, the highlight of the celebrations was an MCY parade show in Victoria Bay.

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On the night of April 5th, a cocktail party was hosted for MCY owners and partners at the stylish Hexa. Against the backdrop of Hong Kong’s gorgeous Victoria Bay, a fleet of five Monte Carlo Yachts cruised alongside the river, accompanied by a myriad of lights twinkling from the skyscrapers. The models in the yacht parade were the MCY 70, MCY 76, MCY 80, MCY 86, and the flagship MCY 105, and guests were stunned by their sheer glamour.

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The MCY Hong Kong Boat Show was also a success. Four iconic MCY models – the MCY 70, MCY 76, MCY 80, and MCY 86 – were on display at the show, allowing yachting aficionados to explore the ultimate luxury of the MCY range.

A city with a rich sailing culture and sound infrastructure, Hong Kong harbors a solid base of MCY owners in Asia, and has been chosen as the Asian launch platform for new MCY models. Monte Carlo Yachts is also winning popularity in coastal cities in Hainan and mainland China, as well as Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand.

Along with earning growing popularity in Asia’s yachting community, Monte Carlo Yachts also plays a keen role in Asia’s most important luxury lifestyle events and boat shows. The MCY fleet frequently exhibits at the likes of Hainan Rendez-vous, Thailand Yacht Show & Rendez-vous, Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show, and Singapore Yacht Show.
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Monte Carlo Yachts has entered a new decade of development. The brand will continue to work closely with its dealers in Asia, both to strengthen its presence and to offer a unique MCY experience to every owner.

2018年时值蒙地卡罗游艇成立十周年庆。2019年4月初,蒙地卡罗游艇香港经销商Asia Yachting组织了一系列精彩活动,庆祝品牌进驻亚洲市场十周年,共鉴品牌在亚洲的成长和辉煌成就。4月5-7日期间,MCY蒙地卡罗游艇展在香港匡湖居游艇会举行。而庆祝活动的高潮当属5日晚五艘蒙地卡罗游艇巡游维多利亚港。

4月5日晚,蒙地卡罗游艇酒会在香港的Hexa六公馆举行,蒙地卡罗游艇船东以及合作伙伴等均出席了活动。参与巡航的船型包括MCY 70、MCY 76、MCY 80、MCY 86以及旗舰船型MCY 105。香港夜晚醉人的城市天际线以及维多利亚港的霓虹灯光将5艘MCY船型衬托地星光熠熠,散发着独特的魅力。意式经典在夜幕中翩然而至,风采耀世。

MCY蒙地卡罗游艇展也取得巨大成功。四艘标志性的蒙地卡罗游艇在现场展出,包括MCY 70、MCY 76、MCY 80和MCY 86,吸引了一批游艇爱好者体验MCY船型的奢华魅力。




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