ONLY Aesthetics is Revolutionalising Singapore’s Aesthetics Industry by Introducing the World’s First GLASS SKIN™ Treatment



ONLY Aesthetics, a leading pioneer in the beauty and medical aesthetic industry, is introducing the first-in-the-world GLASS SKIN™ treatment and three other treatments exclusive to the brand – AQUAGOLD™, ONLIft®, and ONLipo®. These innovative solutions intend to revolutionize the industry by providing results without the downtime and unappealing, painful processes. ONLY Aesthetics differentiates itself from the rest in the aesthetics industry by being a customer-oriented, results-driven company that all their customers have come to know and trust.

Located primarily in the Island’s Central Business District (CBD) and city area, the Aesthetics service provider strategically establishes itself as a superior to the run-of-the-mill salons and clinics in Singapore. ONLY Aesthetics solely rivals itself. The group’s main concerns are of creating valuable and substantial treatments that work in the most efficient manner while retaining high-quality standards. With their investments in the best technology, the brand attains great results that benefit their patients immediately, within few or lesser sessions, unlike deceitful salons which create long, dreaded treatment processes with poor results.


GLASS SKIN™, the first and only laser that promises glass skin within 5 minutes

With Korea’s entertainment industry’s growing influence, they bring us the glass skin trend, that is not completely alike to dewy, clear skin. Glass skin implies translucent, poreless illuminated skin – and ONLY Aesthetics has you covered. They are the first and only one in the world to introduce GLASS SKIN™ laser, and with it, ladies will be able to achieve glass-looking skin instantly! Featured on The Doctors, world-renowned medical skincare experts are encouraging individuals who struggle with sun damaged skin, acne inflamed rosacea skin to try GLASS SKIN™. Suitable for Asian skin, this treatment helps prevent post laser hyperpigmentation PIH, treats various skin concerns and accomplishes this in under five minutes, without downtime. Significant results can be seen in a short period of one to two sessions.

Another treatment under the GLASS SKIN™ range is the H2 GLASS SKIN™. This 15 minutes “Hydrogen-infused” treatment encompasses anti-aging properties. Nobel Award winner Albert Szent Gyoryi had discovered Hydrogen as the most powerful antioxidant to fight Free Radicals.
Following increasing research of Hydrogen’s numerous benefits, ONLY Aesthetics has incorporated Hydrogen into their methods of use. With this technology, it can safely eliminate wrinkles and fine lines, and boost antioxidant properties.


AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch, see pore-less skin complexion with 15 minutes

The multi-award winning medical aesthetics company is also introducing the AQUAGOLD® Fine Touch, a patented gold-plated needle system that can painlessly deliver serums, Hyaluronic gels and even the latest Rejuran, into the skin. Transforming skin complexions by erasing fine-lines, age spots, and reversing visible aging, this finer-than-hair needle system is highly raved about by doctors. The 24k gold-plated needle uses a technology that has been modified, and hence, is more advanced than the original micro-needling procedures. Using AQUAGOLD®, superficial acne scarring can be improved with micro-Hyaluronic gel; skin brightening can be done with micro-pigment reducers and pore-shrinking is possible with Micro-Botox. The painless procedure also guarantees minimal, short-term redness, and ensures clear, younger-looking skin without the downtime, just like GLASS SKIN™.

ONLIft®, produces immediate and incredible face lifting results

Meet ONLIft®, the latest Ultrasound facelift, which delivers sequential pulses into the skin, from 1.5mm to 4.5mm, exclusively available at ONLY Aesthetics. Taking the ordinary facelift to a new high, this non-surgical procedure can be done to create desired skin tightness and maintain a youthful look without negative side effects. The applications of ONLIft® can be done for facial shape correction, chin reduction, wrinkle reduction and post liposuction skin smoothing, amongst other things.

Onlift P-4-2Onlift P-8-2Onlift P-23ONLift-BNA-3
As it offers tightening and lifting of connective tissues, this process aids in cellulite treatment as well. It is vastly different from HIFU, an extremely torturous facelift that takes days of swelling.


ONLipo®, a slimming gamechanger that breaks down fats within minutes

Focusing on immediate fat reduction, ONLipo® is a new slimming technique by ONLY Aesthetics that destroys stubborn fat pouches that have been linked to hereditary issues. Their system is a patented Multi-Sequential Ultrasound (MSU), that leverages the sequential frequency to break down up to 13mm depth of fat. This will guarantee the destruction of layers of fat beneath the skin; target areas for ONLipo® include arms, thighs, belly, chin, and armpits. ONLY Aesthetics is moving past Radio Frequency Slimming Treatments, High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), and other obsolete technologies that do not give patients their desired results. ONLipo® is painless, immediate and effective, and a far cry from the disappointingly mediocre weight-loss treatments or strenuous workout exercises that never work. In addition to being a fat-reducing process, it doubles as a skin-tightening enhancer!

Singapore’s Largest Multi Award Winning Medical Aesthetics Group

22 Malacca Street #09-00
RB Capital
Tel: 6220 4434

25A Lorong Mambong
Tel: 6314 4434

190 Clemenceau Ave
Singapore Shopping Centre #05-03
Tel: 6338 4434



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