TOD’S | Spring-Summer 2019 Collection

TOD’S Spring-Summer 2019 collection embraces the modern and dynamic lifestyle with lightness and unexpected details to look the part on any occasion. Shapes are slim or soft, adorned with subtle luxurious touches, and served up in a palette of neutrals, gentle sunset hues, and accents of electric blue. TOD’S iconic accessories also showcase the house’s codes with rope, feathers, and fringe details.closeup-bag-1closeup-bag-2closeup-bag-3closeup-bag-4closeup-bag-5closeup-bag-6closeup-bag-7closeup-bag-8closeup-bag-9closeup-bag-10closeup-bag-11closeup-bag-12closeup-bag-13closeup-bag-14closeup-bag-15closeup-bag-16closeup-bag-17closeup-bag-18closeup-bag-19closeup-bag-20closeup-bag-21closeup-bag-22closeup-bag-23closeup-bag-25closeup-bag-26closeup-bag-27closeup-bag-28closeup-bag-29closeup-bag-31closeup-bag-32closeup-bag-33closeup-bag-34closeup-bag-35closeup-bag-36closeup-bag-37closeup-bag-38closeup-bag-39closeup-bag-40closeup-bag-41


01-A (HKD 5,200)02-A (HKD 8,800)02-B (HKD 5,900)03-A (HKD 6,900)03-B (HKD 6,900)04-A (HKD 6,500)04-B (HKD 6,500)04-C (HKD 6,500)05-A (HKD 4,800)05-B HKD 4,800)06-A (HKD 10,000)06-B (HKD 5,900)07-A (HKD 4,800)08-A (HKD 5,900)08-B (HKD 5,900)08-C (HKD 5,900)09-A (HKD 6,200)10-A (HKD 8,500)10-B (HKD 8,100)11-A (HKD 6,400)11-B (HKD 6,400)12-A (HKD 5,600)13-A (HKD 4,600)13-B (HKD 4,600)13-C (HKD 4,600)14-A (HKD 4,600)14-B (HKD 4,600)15-A (HKD 6,100)15-B (HKD 5,600)16-A (HKD 6,400)17-A (HKD 13,700)17-B (HKD 13,700)18-A (HKD 13,700)18-B (HKD 15,000)19-A (HKD 19,500)19-B (HKD 21,200)19-C (HKD 35,300)20-A (HKD 23,000)20-B (HKD 23,000)21-A (HKD 10,600)21-B (HKD 12,700)22-A (HKD 37,000)23-A (HKD 11,800)23-B (HKD 11,800)23-C (HKD 11,800)23-D (HKD 11,800)


01-A (HKD 5,000)01-B (HKD 5,000)02-A (HKD 5,200)02-B (HKD 5,200)03-A (HKD 5,000)03-B (HKD 5,000)04-A (HKD 4,600)04-B (HKD 4,600)05-A (HKD 6,100)05-B (HKD 6,100)06-A (HKD 6,100)07-A (HKD 6,100)07-B (HKD 6,500)08-A (HKD 4,100)08-B (HKD 3,800)09-A (HKD 4,100)09-B (HKD 4,100)10-A (HKD 6,400)11-A (HKD 5,600)11-B (HKD 5,600)12-A (HKD 5,600)12-B (HKD 5,600)13-A (HKD 18,900)14-A (HKD 10,600)14-B (HKD 10,600)15-A (HKD 17,500)16-A (HKD 21,200)17-A (HKD 3,500)17-B (HKD 3,500)18-A (HKD 1,800)



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