Boffi Studio Singapore Introduces De Padova and MA/U Studio into Singapore

Boffi De Padova (The “Group”), comprising of Boffi and De Padova, is the luxury Italian interiors concept brand, renowned for its kitchen, bathrooms and wardrobe/walk-in closet systems and De Padova’s day and night collections, has announced the re-opening of their first flagship showroom in Asia, Boffi Singapore, at Regency House.

Designed under the creative direction of Boffi De Padova’s Creative Director, Piero Lissoni and Style and Design Director Boffi Group, Chiara Tombari, the 3,300 square feet mono-brand space will be the first in Asia to introduce the new configuration of the Boffi Group.

The space was first inaugurated in October 2012 by local dealer, Lim Choon Hong, founder of Xtra – premium design furniture store, introducing Boffi’s suit of kitchen and baths, along the belt of prominent kitchen stores located within the heart of the city. From 1 September 2018, Boffi De Padova has since acquired the Boffi Studio in Singapore and gained full ownership of the showroom, establishing Singapore as the 25th company-owned store worldwide. Together, the refurbished showroom will see the entrance of their sister brands, De Padova and MA/U Studio, at the Boffi flagship showroom, paving their collective entrance into the Asian market.


Boffi Singapore 2019


No longer a producer of only kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobe, the acquisitions of De Padova and MA/U Studio by the Group have allowed the growth of Boffi into new directions and dimensions to create an all-encompassing living experience. Through the skilful integration of collections under these three brands, the Group aims to provide an enlarged and complete living offer through their uncompromised design standards and sophisticated living solutions.

The seamless integration of the three brands within a single space is the new concept guiding the Group for the creation of its showrooms. The space will bring to life an intelligent display of home furnishings from kitchen to bathroom, including storage systems and interior design, redefining the ultimate concept of home living.

“With the combination of the Group’s authentic aesthetic in functional minimalism, paired together with traditional design archetypes stemmed from Italian craftsmanship, Boffi aims to cater to the evolving taste for design in Asia.” said Robert Gavazzi, CEO of Boffi De Padova. “The new showroom will give a full experiential showcase on our brand’s versatility in providing an integral living experience, together with designing innovative and custom-built solutions for design-conscious consumers.”

Boffi has had an active expansion of its name becoming the most representative Italian kitchen company on the international markets with about 60 mono-brand stores, of which there are 25 direct stores in circa 60 countries introducing the new configuration. Boffi Singapore marks as the 25th direct store worldwide.





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