Seasonal delicacies at Yàn’s Hairy Crab Festival




Autumn is the season of harvest marking the celebration of abundance and a fortuitous time for hairy crab feasting. The Hairy Crab, also known as mitten crab, is a well-loved seasonal delicacy relished by the Chinese since the 17th century in Eastern China. The sought-after freshwater crustaceans are prized for their luscious roe, which ripen in the ninth lunar month for female crabs, and males in the tenth.
Revelling the highly anticipated seasonal bounty, Yàn is showcasing the best catches of Lake Tai in Jiangsu,China, reputed for their pristine waters and excellent ecological system. These distinguished crustaceans will be presented in various culinary styles available through an à la carte menu, as well as a set menu, at Yàn from 15 November to 15 December 2018.


The coveted crabs are often enjoyed steamed, the classic method which best showcases the natural sweetness and aroma of the crabs. In addition to this time-honoured culinary style, Yàn is pairing different parts of the delicacy with complementary ingredients to heighten the gastronomic indulgence.

Yan_Steamed Hairy Crab_Feast_Portrait
Steamed hairy crab
New to the repertoire are Braised Beancurd with Hairy Crab Meat ($36++ for small), and Beancurd Broth with Hairy Crab Meat ($24++ per person), the subtle flavours of the beancurd accentuates the sweetness and aroma of the prized hairy crab meat.
Back by popular demand are the Steamed Xiao Long Bao with Hairy Crab Meat ($8++per piece) and Poached Japanese Noodles with Hairy Crab Meat ($16.80++ per person). The former is a delicate packet of indulgence filled with hairy crab meat, roe and superior broth,while the silky texture of the poached Japanese noodles matched perfectly with the flavourful hairy crab meat and roe.
Conclude the hairy crab feast with a warm, premium 18 years vintage of Nu Er Hong Rice Wine ($70++ per 750ml bottle) or a 10 years aged Shao Hsing Yellow Wine ($60++ per 500ml bottle). It is believed that the coveted crustacean is “cooling” for the body, and sipping on the centuries-old accompaniment, warm Chinese wine, helps to balance the qi.
This autumn,relish the seasonal delicacy at Yàn.
Yàn’s Hairy Crab Festival is available during lunch and dinner from 15 November to 15 December 2018 with an à la carte menu (starting from $8++) and a set menu priced at $148++per diner.



#05-02 National Gallery Singapore 1 St Andrew’s Road, Singapore 178957

Reservations: Call (65) 6384 5585


Book online via CHOPE hgp://


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