HOW TO ACHIEVE THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS BODY WITH PLATINUM FITNESS | Top tips on how to look and feel good for the festive season

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With the Christmas Season just around the corner, Singapore’s highly raved about 24-hour premium gym – Platinum Fitness – is brimming with ideas on how to shed the extra calories and fit into the sexy little black dress or suave tailormade suit ahead of the New Year. Nestled in the heart of the bustling CBD, the contemporary gym has fast established a reputation for itself as the hottest (affordable) gym in town. Ahead of the holidays, Platinum Fitness’ dedicated team of fitness enthusiasts have put together their five ultimate workout tips.

GetPlatFit HIIT Classes

The GetPlatFit 45-minute HIIT Classes encompass a full body workout which are conducted by GuavaPass’ squad of passionate and highly trained instructors. All sessions are designed to challenge participants’ threshold for tolerance. Featuring a well-thought-out regime that integrates a series of regular exercises (squats and planks) and less conventional workouts such as sled pulls and box jump, members of the class will be kept on their toes at all times.
The result? A strong sense of accomplishment and an after-burn process which will help increase metabolism rate.


Cardio & Weights

The intimate space at Platinum Fitness is home to a comprehensive functional, cardio and strength zone; each section is well-equipped with an assortment of cutting-edge machines ranging from Matrix Treadmills to CrossFit Olympic Plate Trees to aid gym-goers in their goal to burn off calories. Alongside the topline cardio inducing equipment, Platinum offers a free weights zone – emphasising the importance of strength training which in turn helps to develop the body mechanics and further build muscle mass – leading to a rapid increase in metabolism. With the studio opened round-the-clock, members will have full access to the facilities at a time that is best suited for their busy schedules.


Personal Training

For the uninspired, the perfect way to get moving is with an expert Personal Trainer, who will be able to curate an efficient and effective personalised program to cater to individuals. Not only does the guidance of a Personal Trainer help to reduce the chance of injuries, the use of appropriate training techniques often leads to superior results achieved within a minimal time span. Platinum provides all members with unrivalled flexibility by offering the option to work with an in-house Personal Trainer, or to bring in an independent trainer of their choice to help get them in shape.



With endless events and gatherings lined up for the holiday season, the race to attain the perfect Christmas body is not complete without a holistic diet. Equally important is a wellbalanced meal plan to complement the workout. A bland diet can be easily spruced up with flavourful protein shakes, which makes for an excellent snack alternative! Platinum Fitness has partnered with Singapore’s first sous vide based dining concept – Wafuken. Members of the underground gym will receive a 10% discount when dining at the vibrant locale. Located in OUE Downtown, the restaurant serves a plethora of healthy meals with meats which have been cooked to perfection – making it the perfect post-workout meal for gym-goers.



It is essential to integrate a balanced lifestyle to ensure that the body does not suffer from burnout. Adequate sleep hours with sufficient water intake is imperative to support the weight loss process and enhanced physical activities. At Platinum Fitness, members will also be able to monitor their progress regularly with the gym’s professional body composition analysis scale which measures the body fat percentage in accurate details.
Jamie Victoria, Master Trainer of GuavaPass says “Everyone wants to look good, but not everyone is willing to work for it. For the upcoming festive season, you have no excuses at Platinum Fitness – the gym offers members all the facilities required for a good calorie burn, from state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, to adrenaline-filled HIIT classes structured to push participants past their boundaries, to easy access 24 hours on all days. Consistency is always key, and I look forward to welcoming members regularly to my HIIT Classes!”   Platinum Fitness is opened 24-hours a day.
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