LeVeL33 introduces a new Modern European menu incorporating malt, spent grains, beer and stout



Located on the penthouse of prime real estate Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1, LeVeL33 offers a sensational skyline scene marked by some of the most iconic structures in Singapore such as the Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands and the heritage Fullerton properties.  LeVeL33’s guests have the privilege of viewing the spectacular panorama without any restriction because the outdoor terrace has been left unglassed and un-roofed. Notwithstanding the height and actual distance from the icons, there is an intimacy to such an experience that is unparalleled, and is a gift from LeVeL33 to their guests.




Using only German specialty malts, LeVeL33’s beers are created with respect for the heritage behind each beer type



Beer Tasting Paddle


LeVeL33, the world’s highest urban microbrewery that offers a complete dining experience and one of the best views of the Marina Bay and City skyline, introduces their new executive chef, ArChan Chan. The food and drink menus at LeVeL33 have always been conceptualised as complementary to one another: strong enough to stand alone, but stunning as a holistic experience. The new a-la-carte menu, designed by new Executive Chef ArChan Chan with her Chef de Cuisine Maksym Chukanov, remains true to this ideal.

Nearly all the menu has been revamped, and the flavourful Modern European cuisine gives a strong sense of LeVeL33 on the plate: “craft brewery” elements from all stages of beer brewing – from the beer liquors to the by-products such as the protein-rich spent grain – are incorporated with precision and finesse. This elegance is perhaps the result of chef ArChan’s particular background as she is also a Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) certified sommelier.




Sourdough made with warm beer malt paired with yeast beer butter topped with malt chips. Yeast butter is made with yeast oven roasted at 170 degrees celsius for about 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the situation.  This chewy, rustic sourdough bread loaf, with its light-brown crust, has rich, deep, flavor, and very mild tang.




Clear tomato consommé with accompanying heirloom and vine-ripened cherry tomatoes served with olive oil caviar, nasturtium, served chilled

For the consommé, roma tomatoes are blended and hung overnight in cheesecloth to collect the tomato juices/water. This liquid is brought to a boil, then clarified with egg white and crushed ice.
Accompanying heirloom tomatoes are peeled, marinated with salt, and extra virgin olive oil. Vine-ripened cherry tomatoes are halved, marinated with salt and extra virgin olive oil.



Kingfish Sashimi

Lager cured kingfish is served with pickled cucumber, nori & spent grain sand, marinated tapioca sago, tapioca sago chips, cucumber juice and seaweed oil and fresh dill.

Kombu is soaked in soy and LeVeL33’s housemade lager for at least 24 hours, prior to marination. Fresh sashimi-grade kingfish is cured by being wrapped in this kombu for at least 6 hours
The cured kingfish is served dressed in cucumber juice and parsley, as well as rolled slices of house-pickled cucumber, housemade tapioca chips and tapioca sago marinated in the dressing.
It’s finished with housemade seaweed oil, and a housemade ‘sand’ made from nori, spent grain, puffed rice and malt.
Beer elements: spent grain, beer pickle, Lager



Beef Tartare

Diced Stanbroke beef sirloin tartare served with quail egg, chives, pickled shallots, potato chips and baby red radish.

Beef tartare: From Northern Queensland, Australia. Seasoned with white shoyu, salt, pepper, shallot, crispy shallot and chives Pickled shallot: pickled with master pickle (lager, vinegar, salt and honey) Chips: potatos are sliced, rinse in water to remove excess starch and fried till crispy
Beer element: Lager pickled shallots


Truffle Ravioli

Gruyère, walnut and nashi pear

A filling of ricotta, truffle pasta, walnuts and parsley is enrobed in handmade semolina pasta.
The ravioli is served with a gruyère sauce made with gruyère cheese, shallots, pear, bay leaf and coriander seeds.
Topped with freshly sliced nashi pears and truffle



Hokkaido Scallop

Pan-seared Hokkaido scallop is served with wheat beer dashi, seaweed, and malt chips, drizzled with dill oil. Served in scallop shell sitting on dried spent grain.

Hokkaido Scallop are sashimi-grade and sustainably sourced. Wheat beer dashi comprises kombu, katsuobushi and LeVeL33’s wheat beer. Served with salted Japanese seaweed, and housemade malt chips.

Beer elements: Wheat Beer dashi and malt chips





Pan-seared local sea bass served with beer malt risotto, daikon and classic beurre blanc with dill oil.

Locally sourced sea bass, seasoned with sea salt flakes and pepper, is pan-seared until skin is crispy and meat just cooked.
Beer malt risotto is made with barley boiled till soft, then lightly pickled to further break down the bran to extract its flavour. Then it’s cooked with blanched shallots, butter, white wine, parmesan cheese and cream. Malt puffs are added to give texture.
Daikon slices are lightly salted for flavour and shaping.
Beer elements: Beer malt risotto, malt puffs




Grilled quail served with grapes, sour carrots, garlic chive flowers, and stout glaze

Free range French quail is marinated overnight with lemongrass, ginger, soy sauce, LeVeL33’s Stout and chilli. It’s then grilled to medium and glazed with a glaze made inhouse with LeVeL33’s Stout, honey and quail jus.
Baby carrots are baked in a mixture of coriander seeds, cocoa powder, coffee and spent grain for 20 minutes.
Beer elements: Stout, spent grain



Pork Intercostal

Sous vide and pressed Iberico pork (intercostal) served with smoked lardo, pickled pearl onion with pickled mustard seeds, clams, caramelised green apple puree and Granny Smith apples.

The pork is marinated with LeVeL33’s IPA, Dijon mustard, salt, pepper and garlic for 6 hours, then sous-vide at 69 degrees celsuis for 12 hours. The meat is shredded, pressed to shape, and chilled. The pork is pan-seared til the sides are crispy before it is served.
Clams are locally sourced, steamed then chilled.
Beer element: IPA in the pork marinade



Garden Greens Tart (Vegan friendly and gluten free)

Gluten-free taro tart ring filled with seasonal vegetables like fresh peas, peas puree, grilled flowering garlic chives, fresh zucchinis, crunchy zucchinis, fresh herbs, topped with shaved macadamia nuts, pickled carrots, pea shoots and nasturtium flowers.

The tart ring is made with taro that is steamed, then mashed and mixed with carrot juice, wheat starch, hot water, vegetable shortening, salt and sugar, and fried til crispy.
Seasonal vegetables are sourced mainly from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and Europe.
Freshly shaved Zucchinis are dressed in extra virgin olive oil and lemon zest. Crunchy zucchinis are dehydrated zucchinis that are re-hydrated and sauteed with grated garlic, lemon and salt.



Layered Honey Cake

Layered honey cake and beer areated honeycomb topped with house made sour cream icecream, lemon balm and housemade fermented kumquat

Layered honey cake is adapted from a Russian recipe and is inspired by Chef Maksym’s own Russian heritage.
The dough of the cake is made with whipped egg whites and sugar, honey and butter are then added in warm it up over low heat. Baking soda is mixed in. Once the dough rises, it’s removed from fire and let cool. The dough is then baked at 170 degree Celsius at 4 to 5 mins. The cake is then spread with cream mixture of butter cream, sugar and housemade sour cream.
It’s served with a housemade honeycomb that’s aerated with beer.
Beer element: beer aerated honeycomb




Malt & Stout Parfait

Choux puffs topped with oat and coffee crumble and filled with a malt and stout parfait filling

Parfait is aerated with whipped egg yolks and sugar syrup, and heat up to 118 degree celsuis. Malt, stout and vodka are added to the mix.
Puff: Choux de craquelin, using cocoa powder for sweet crispy pastry, topped with coffee oat crumble
Beer Element: Malt and Stout parfait filling




Nearly all the menu has been revamped, and the flavourful Modern European cuisine gives a strong sense of LeVeL33 on the plate: “craft brewery” elements from all stages of beer brewing – from the beer liquors to the by-products such as the protein-rich spent grain – are incorporated. Take the Quail starter as an example. A bold blend of aromatics and LeVeL33’s house-brewed Stout is used to marinate the game bird with the result that the protein is both tender and rich, and the gamey flavours ripen into savouriness. A Stout glaze does double work of adding and bringing out sweetness to balance the savour.

In contrast, the Hokkaido Scallop dish is a case study in delicacy. The scallop’s sweetness is balanced with the complex dashi that is given extra body and richness with LeVeL33’sWheat Beer.
The Kingfish Sashimi also makes clever use of one of the lighter LeVeL33’s housebrewed beer. The Blond Lageris used to cure the sashimi-grade kingfish and pickle the accompanying rolled-up cucumber slices so that a hint of the lager’s crisp light fruitiness permeates the dish. A delicious ‘sand’ made with noriand spent grain, a brewing by-product rich in protein and fibre, adds texture and a complex, almost nutty dimension to the dish.
The main course options also harmoniously articulate beer elements into the dish. The Pork Intercostal main course uses meat from a familiar cut, the ribs: intercostals are the muscles between ribs used to support breathing. They are an exceptionally rich and savoury cut, but also tricky to cook – a single mistake can turn them tough, chewy and tasteless. At LeVeL33, the intercostals are marinated for hours with the housemade IPA and a medley of spices to maintain and enhance juiciness and flavour.

The Seabass main course audaciously stars beer malt as a main component. Cooked with butter, cream and Parmesan cheese, the result is a chewy savoury risotto with a nuttier flavour than the usual Arborio rice. Malt puffs add more texture and crunch. A superlative complement to the meatiness of the locally sourced sea bass, this is a hearty dish that perfectly encapsulates LeVeL33’s culinary approach.
The beer elements are also prominent in the desserts. See for example the Malt & Stout Parfait which offers the dream pairing of coffee and stout through a housemade choux de craquelin topped with coffee-oat crumble and cocoa powder generously stuffed with a rich filling made with whipped egg yolks, malt, LeVeL33’sStout and vodka.

The Layered Honey Cake, adapted from a Russian recipe and inspired by Chef de Cuisine Maksym’s Russian heritage, features everyone’s childhood favourite given an adult twist – the honeycomb candy is aerated with beer and gains a darker undertone to its rich sweetness.
However, the menu does offer options for those who might need or prefer to eliminate the beer or grain elements to their meal.

Garden Greens Tart
Case in point: the picturesque Garden Greens Tart is a vegetable lover’s dream: a taro ring encircles seasonal vegetables such as zucchini, peas and fresh pea shoots, dressed with reduced carrot juice and extra virgin oliveoilemulsion.
The dish is also suitable for vegans, and people who need to eliminate dairy and gluten from theirdiets.
In fact, LeVeL33 would be glad to assist with dietary requirements upon request. For instance, the Hokkaido Scallop is free of dairy, nuts, garlic and onion, and can befreeofgluten on request.


Address: 8 MarinaBoulevard #33-01MarinaBay Financial Centre Tower1 Singapore 018981
Parking: Underground car park atMarinaBay LinkMall and MBFCTowers 1,2 and 3.
Reservations: +6568343133
Website: http://www.level33.com.sg
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LeVeL33CraftBrewery
Instagram: @level33_sg
Openinghours: 11:30am –12am (Monday–Thursday), 11:30am –2am (Friday–Saturday), 12pm –12am (Sunday)
Capacity: Up to 220 guests standing 110 guests seated 2 private rooms with a capacity of up to 11 guests per room, and 30 guests when combined for sit-down dining

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