Setting new heights at the Zafferano Terrace Lounge | Outdoor lounge experience with a brand new look and offerings


Zafferano unveils a redesigned  Terrace Lounge, elevating  the sundown  lounge respite to a  whole  new  level.  Perched  atop  on  the  43rd  level  of  Ocean  Financial  Centre with soaring   cathedral-like  volumes,   lush  gardens,   and  panoramic  views  of  the  Marina Waterfront, the refreshed  Terrace Lounge  dons new  contemporary installations, stylish bar, and sleek wooden  flooring,  creating a vivacious multi-functional space across its capacious rooftop area of 1,700 square feet.


The rejuvenated outdoor stunner sets the mood  on a high note as DJ greets guests with upbeat tunes at the entrance. Flowing from the DJ deck, the dynamic  beats set the stage for  lively celebrations beneath the canopy’s  brilliant  lights. The chic surroundings  relax and  revitalise  the  senses, inviting  guests  to  take  in the  breath-taking view  of  the  city skyline.



New  aesthetics include  an  artistic grand  canopy  of  a  “bouquet”  of  six  soaring  tulip umbrellas.   In  the  daytime,  their  soft,  floral   silhouettes   draw   in  natural  light  while providing   respite   from   the   elements.  When   the   sun  dips   below   the   skyline,   the installations bloom  to life with illuminated petals exuding vivid hues to guarantee unforgettable evenings at Zafferano.

Cocktail_AmericanoCocktail_Cocchi RosaCocktail_Cocchi


The brand  new  dapper  bar  features a polished  marble  counter top  and  lights up  the evening  with colourful  glows.  The extensive line-up  of  beverages  welcomes  guests  to partake in the drinks of their choice. The restaurant’s namesake cocktail, Zafferano, comprises  saffron  gin  brightened with citrusy lime  and  passionfruit, and  rounded  out with the elegant notes of almond  and vanilla.  Promising  to ignite  the palate is the Perk Me  Up,  a  rum-based   concoction   bursting with the  invigorating flavours  of  falernum, pumpkin,  lime, and chili padi.


The Terrace  Lounge  bar  builds  martinis  with fresh  fruits, providing  refreshing accompaniments to any occasion.  Variations  on this iconic  aperitivo offer  either gin or vodka  base,  woven  with the  flavours  of  fruits such  as  lemon,  mango,  pomelo,  and strawberry.


The captivating roster of  beverages  pairs  well  with the  alluring  fare  of  hearty bites, bruschetta, and  pizzas curated by  Zafferano’s Head  Chef  Emanuele  Faggi.  Highlights include  breaded  and   deep-fried  oysters served   with  oregano mayo,   and  choices  of toppings  for bruschetta range from chopped tomato and basil  to lobster, burrata cheese, and tomato confit, or porcini mushroom and roasted turkey.  Savour the burratina, napoli, and  tartufo, classic Italian-style pizzas that are freshly baked in Zafferano’s stone oven – perfect as shared delights or a treat for one.




tacchino – porciniverdure – acetopomodoro – basilicopollo – parmigiana – lattugamanzo – cipolla – insalata – parmigianaastice – burrata – pomodoro – limone


The  attractive  rooftop  lounge   continues  to  set  the  stage  for  pre-  and  post-dinner experiences  with enticing offers  spread  throughout the  week.  Every Thursday,  a lively Ladies  Night Out invites  ladies  to  indulge  in a bubbly  respite  after work  from  6pm  to 9pm,  with free flow  prosecco  at $42++  per person.  Revel in style  every Saturday  with Free Flow  Tipples: unlimited pouring  of prosecco, beer, or house wine for just $35++  per person from  8pm  to 10pm.  Bottle deals are available  to keep the weekend  celebration going.


At the rejuvenated Terrace Lounge, Zafferano encapsulates  warm  Italian  hospitality and vivacious ambience  within a stunning  and stylish oasis.




Ocean Financial Centre

10 Collyer Quay

Level 43

Singapore 049315



T +65 6509 1488





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