Werner Pawlok Casa Borrega 2 | Ltd. Edition of 150, signed | WPA135 | 110cm x 147cm


This October, join LUMAS Gallery as they  exhibit  one  of  their  most  talented  German  Artist  and Photographer, Werner Pawlok’s collection in Singapore. Truly an exquisite set – his ability to make joie de vivre* visible in a room devoid of people, is simply remarkable.

In Havana’s decaying houses, Werner captures the Caribbean city’s morbid charm as well as a sense of the Havana’s vitality. One is able to see former glory and traces of the decline side by side in each photo. Palatial residences from the old sugar aristocracy seem to entrust him, revealing their weathered countenances.


Werner Pawlok Solar Habana y Amargua 2 | Ltd. Edition of 150, signed | WPA114 | 110cm x 154cm



Werner Pawlok Solar Habana y Amargua 1 | Ltd. Edition of 150, signed | WPA107 | 110cm x 154cm




Werner Pawlok Cremeria La Vina | Ltd. Edition of 150, signed | WPA95 | 110cm x 154cm



Werner Pawlok Preservation Hall | Ltd. Edition of 150, signed | WPA141 | 110cm x 147cm


In a lost world, left to decay, Werner brings the viewer under the spell of the old city, in which former luxury is felt merely as a relic of the past. A work of true elegance – the beauty of the Cuban capital and the history of Havana leaves one a bittersweet aftertaste.



Werner has visited Havana several times. His assistant, a local producer, tracked  down  interesting  architecture  and  together,  they  drove through the city. As Werner examines the exteriors of the buildings, he began to develop an instinct for the interiors that gradually spoke to him. Once he has picked up the scent of a secret, a special aura, they would ring the doorbell and tell the residents about their intentions, and each time reactions were always positive.



“When I enter a room, it feels like stepping into a movie; the room begins to tell me stories. Its past residents come to life and whirl around the dance floor in evening dress under the chandelier, sip cocktails…When I have this feeling, all I do is pride the shutter,” says Werner Pawlok.



Meet  Werner  Pawlok  with  his  joie  de  vivre  artwork  collection  this October #TheColoursofWernerPawlok



*A French phrase used to express an exuberant enjoyment of life


Exhibition Details:


Event Name:          Artist Talk: The Colours of Werner Pawlok


Date:                      18 October -10 November 2018


Venue:                   LUMAS Gallery at Paragon Shopping Mall, #04-47


Time:                       Weekdays & Weekends – 10.30pm – 8.30pm


(closed  for  private  event  from  6  PM  only  on  18


October 2018)

Prices:                   Free entrance



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