An Ode to Hong Kong’s Culinary Classics at Yàn Cantonese Cuisine National Gallery Singapore | Yàn’s Nostalgic Recommendations Menu is available from 15 Oct to 30 Nov 2018.

With fond reminiscence of the days of old, Yàn presents a special menu crafted by Executive Chinese Chef Lai Chi Sum that encapsulates the culinary nostalgia of Hong Kong, available for a limited time only.

In its earlier days, Hong Kong welcomed many chefs from China, who supplemented the local cuisine with their hometown’s unique culinary flair. The familiar flavours of home took on a refined interpretation by pairing everyday ingredient with luxurious produce to delight the palate of affluent diners during the wave of prosperity in the 1970s and 80s.


Sautéed Prawns with Scallion and Black Olive 干葱榄角爆虾球


Preserved Chinese black olives, popular complements to hearty meat dishes in Guangdong, were used to enhance premium seafood such as prawns and crabs in Hong Kong. Chef Lai’s Sautéed Prawns with Scallion and Black Olive (from $38++) combines the sweetness of fresh prawns and scallions with the unique umami of Chinese black olives.


In the past, chicken was regarded as a luxurious item served only during special occasions such as Chinese New Year, birthdays and weddings. Traditionally,  Cantonese  cuisine  in  Shun  De  county  celebrated  with  the  auspicious  plate  of poached chicken served with scallions and ginger. Chefs who then moved to Hong Kong recreated the classic recipe using other cooking methods and included fine ingredient such as Jinhua ham, a well-known dry-cured ham in China, to indulge their patrons.


Steamed Kampong Chicken with Chinese Ham in Lotus Leaf 鲜荷叶云腿蒸三芭鸡


Paying homage to these pioneer chefs, the soulful Steamed Kampong Chicken with Chinese Ham in Lotus Leaf ($35++ for half; $70++ for whole) is served with an aromatic medley of goji berries, Jinhua ham, mushrooms, and scallions.


Delicacies like abalones and dried scallops are perennial favourites served during celebrations. They represent abundance and prosperity in the spirit of festivity. Braising is one of the time- honoured cooking techniques to extract the distinctive flavours of these gourmet ingredients. At the skilful hands of an expert chef, these gourmet ingredients are fastidiously slow-cooked to elicit the best flavours for a truly discerning fare.


Braised Assorted Deluxe Seafood 红烧迷你一品煲


Chef Lai embraces this tradition with the Braised Assorted Deluxe Seafood ($28++ per serving), a savoury claypot of 6-head abalone, fish lips, dried scallop, and black mushroom immersed in rich braising gravy. Braised Pig Trotters ($28++ per portion) and Braised Beef Short Ribs with Seasonal Vegetables ($48++ per portion) further demonstrate chef’s meticulous braising technique.



Hong Kong’s flourishing economy led many citizens to Southeast Asia which grew to be attractive holiday destination that was close to home. These travellers developed a taste for the region’s intriguing plethora of flavours, which strongly influenced the evolving cuisine of the country.


Braised Crab with Black, White Pepper and Glass Noodle in Claypot



Reflecting the union of elements from different cultures is the piquant Braised Crab with Black, White Pepper and Glass Noodle in Claypot ($10++ per 100 gram). The crab is first basted in oil, demonstrating the Chinese style, while the vermicelli is infused with heat from the green and black peppers, conjuring memories of Thailand’s renowned spicy dishes. Sautéed Sliced Beef with Fresh Mushroom and Satay Sauce (from $28++) highlights the savouriness and slight spiciness from ‘sha cha’ sauce, which finds its origin in the satay sauce of Southeast Asia.


Curing in the Chinese cuisine emerged from necessity during the early years. People of Guangdong adored the sweet fragrance of cured meats, using the freezing north wind in colder months to blow dry and preserve the meats naturally, while waiting for winter to end.


Fried Rice with Diced Liver Sausage and Minced Ginger 姜茸润腸粒炒饭


Chef Lai’s Fried Rice with Diced Liver Sausage and Minced Ginger (from $26++) evokes memories of family meals during the bitter cold of winter. The fried rice is studded with diced pork liver sausage, delectable dark rubies perfumed with the preserved sausage’s deep fragrance. Steamed Minced Pork with Premium Salted Fish (from $22++) is prepared with flavourful ‘mei xiang’ salted fish, which lends its unique fragrance to the tender minced pork.


Dessert: Apricot with Sea coconut served cold


Yàns Nostalgic Recommendations Menu is available during lunch and dinner from 15 October to 30 November 2018.


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Embark on an epicurean tribute to the best of Hong Kong’s culinary flavours with nostalgic dishes at Yàn.





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