Has the concept of dream destinations become obsolete ?



Skyscanner recently sought to uncover and bust the myth: In a time where air travel has become increasingly accessible to many, has the concept of dream destinations become obsolete among Singaporeans?

The online poll revealed that 75 percent of Singaporeans have a dream destination – highlighting that not only do Singaporeans long to travel to that special place, but that dream destinations also play a huge role in how they plan their trips, including how they budget for it.

Beyond helping travellers discover their dream destinations, Skyscanner is also keen to help bring travel dreams to life through the best deals and hacks – including the Best Time to Book (BTTB) to your dream destination! 😉

We unpacked the data and uncovered some key findings:

  1. USA and London top the dream destination lists:
    • The American Dream is very much alive. The USA emerged as the country Singaporeans dream about travelling to the most, and Skyscanner data showed that there was a 16% jump in searches for 2017.
      1. New York came out as the top city for the USA and based on Skyscanner BTTB data, 23 weeks before departure is the ideal time to book flights, with October being the cheapest month (at 14% less) to go, and April and May also being relatively cheaper months to visit the Big Apple.
    • London, United Kingdom (UK), emerged as the top city Singaporeans would love to visit once in their lifetime, and according to Skyscanner data, flight searches to the UK saw a 25% spike in 2017.
      1. Similar to NYC, if you’re flying to London, Skyscanner’s BTTB data shows 23 weeks before departure is the ideal time to book. While October, November, March and May, are relatively cheap months to go, February rakes in the biggest savings of up to 17% cheaper flights.

  1. Top TEN Dream Destinations:


1.     United States of America

2.     Japan

3.     Iceland

4.     United Kingdom

5.     New Zealand

6.     Switzerland

7.     Maldives

8.     Greece

9.     Korea

10.  Canada


1.     London, UK

2.     New York, USA

3.     Santorini, Greece

4.     Tokyo, Japan

5.     Seoul, South Korea

6.     Paris, France

7.     Bora Bora, French Polynesia

8.     Barcelona Spain

9.     Istanbul, Turkey

10.  Machu Picchu, Peru

  1. Nature nurtures dream destinations – almost a third of Singaporeans (31%) percent say a key motivator in picking their dream destination is based on natural wonders.
    • It is no surprise that nature-rich countries like Iceland, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Maldives ranked within the top ten dream destinations for Singaporean travellers.
    • Other factors that make a dream destination include making a once-in-a-lifetime experience and the ability to pursue a hobby or sports interest.

  1. Money Money Money: 39% would give up their savings to fund their dream trip.
  • With one in five (18%) of Singaporeans classifying a dream destination as a once in a lifetime experience, it comes as no surprise that 38% would be willing to give up their savings to fund the trip.

o    Just under one third (31%) said they will forgo all other smaller trips in exchange for a trip to their dream destination, while 16% say they’d give up their salary (unpaid leave or quit their jobs).


o    While travellers are familiar with Skyscanner’s Price Alert function, did you know that savings of up to 15% are possible for early birds who book short-haul flights well in advance, and up to 31% for long-haul trips?

o    Skyscanner’s Best Time to Book data shows that booking in advance gets you a cheaper flight price, that’s typically 23-25 weeks in advance for short-haul destinations, and 20-24 weeks for long-haul destinations.

o    No need to dip into your savings to fund that dream destination, Skyscanner shares how to visit dream destinations on a budget.

  1. Mainstream media remains a major source of travel inspiration for more than one-third (35%) of Singaporeans polled.

While much has been said that the media industry has lost some of its appeal and ability to influence, the majority of Singaporeans continue to turn to TV and articles as a source of inspiration for planning their dream trips. Social media such as Instagram and Facebook comes second (28%), followed by word of mouth (14%). Keep the dream alive, follow @SkyscannerSG for travel inspiration.

  1. No need for dreams, almost half of Singaporeans who do not have a Dream Destination say it never occurred to them.

Of the 25% who don’t have a dream destination, almost half (43%) said the idea of a dream destination never occurred to them. Almost one in five (19%) said it was impossible to choose from so many travel destinations.


o    Unsure of where to go, or up for a surprise?

o    Why not try the Skyscanner Everywhere search function that scans the cheapest flight deals to satiate your wanderlust without breaking the bank.

o    Get inspired with the hottest destinations on the Skyscanner blog and Instagram page and get a fresh perspective on travel through fellow travellers’ eyes.

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