Oporto | Famous Flame-Grilled Portuguese-Style Restaurant From Australia landed in Holland Village

Back in 1986 no-one was serving delicious flame grilled chicken like Oporto founder Antonio Cerqueira used to find back home in Portugal. So he decided to open a chicken shop in North Bondi serving Flame Grilled Portuguese Style Chicken with famous Original Portuguese Chilli Sauce. The philosophy was simple; provide unique, simple and delicious food to friends. That is exactly how it was, everyone who came to the shop were considered friends and family.

Oporto has partnered with Aura Group to fuel its Asian expansion plans. After signalling the company’s intention to move into Singapore late last year, Oporto CEO Craig Tozer said he’s confident the brand is well-positioned for international growth beyond New Zealand, backed by record sales growth and continued domestic expansion.

“Having found the right master franchise and supply partners, we are excited to announce that Oporto will be expanding into Asia, with the first restaurant to open in Singapore mid-April 2018.” Oporto wants to have 10 restaurants open across Singapore over the next five years, with plans to open three stores this year. The inaugural restaurant is located at shopping and dining precinct Holland Village in central Singapore.




Chicken with Lemon & Herb sauce, with rice

The chicken thigh-and-drumstick had a nice gleam with visible grill marks. The chicken with Original Chilli sauce turned out to be refreshingly tangy with just the right amount of fiery spice. The Lemon & Herb sauce won me over with its sweeter and more delightful fragrance of fresh herbs, which were thoroughly infused into the meat. The chicken was juicy and tender, with smoky accents of the grill.



Chicken with Original Chilli sauce



Chicken Taca Bowl ($9.90)

The taca (Portuguese for bowl) consisted of lettuce, crunchy slaw and grilled chicken tenders atop a bed of spicy Mexican rice with your choice of sauce. These dishes are served with a choice of their house-made sauces (additional $0.50 each). And guess what, catering to our local taste buds, they created the Garlic Dipping Sauce. The creamy, sweet garlic was my favourite out of the six.





Chicken Embrulho (Portuguese for wrap) includes, 2 grilled chicken tenders, crunchy salads wrapped in a warm pita bread.



Chicken Embrulho includes, 2 grilled chicken tenders, crunchy slaw and spicy rice wrapped in a warm pita bread.



Made the same way since back in the day – with a single fillet of fresh-grilled 100% chicken fillet, crisp lettuce, cheese. Bondi Burger ($5.90 single, $7.90 double, $9.90 triple) with a side of crispy, thick Chips ($2.90 for regular, $3.90 for large).


Made the same way since back in the day – with a single fillet of fresh-grilled 100% chicken fillet, crisp lettuce, cheese, creamy mayo and Oporto’s legendary chilli sauce.

Sandwiched between a pair of good ol’ sesame buns were sizeable fresh-grilled chicken breast fillets, shreds of lettuce, melted cheese and creamy mayo along with the Original Chilli sauce.


Bondi Bites 3 PIECES
A 3-pack of bite-sized 100% premium chicken pieces, served with your choice of  legendary sauces.



Flame Grilled Wings (3)
3 Succulent, flame grilled chicken wings, marinated with an authentic buffalo flavour kick. A delicious snack or side.



Cooked until golden brown and lightly seasoned – their famous hot chips are great on the side or as a snack.



Fancy something sweet? Crunchy, doughy goodness with a sweet dusting of cinnamon sugar along with deliciously sweet and salty dipping sauce.

The rings of churros were coated with a sheen of cinnamon and salted caramel sauce respectively. Biting into the crispy layer, the Churros was doughy yet chewy and not excessively oily.


Oporto grills up some delicious chicken with a range of unique sauces. The chicken taste fresh and tender, juicy on the inside. They offer many sauces to choose from, so there are definitely one that will suit your taste.




No. 3 Lorong Liput, #01-01 Holland Piazza

Singapore 277725



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