REVIEW | Reduced-Calorie Premium Callery’s Ice-Cream that Tastes Great

Belgian Chocolate (2)

Callery’s Ice-Cream is Singapore’s first Premium Reduced-Calorie Ice-cream. It was created to bring consumers the best of both worlds – Opulent Taste, Minimal Calories. Callery’s wants to bring healthier desserts to everyone, without compromising on taste and enjoyment. Callery’s team of professionals, with the backgrounds in culinary arts, pharmaceuticals and engineering, together scoured the world for the best ingredients, dived deep into the science of food and ice-cream, and developed Callery’s Reduced-Calorie ice-Cream.

All Flavours 2All Flavours

Callery’s ice-cream is sweetened with Erythritol – a polyol which is naturally found in plants and fruits and is almost ZERO in calories. Unlike other sugar replacements, erythritol does not cause bloatedness nor affect blood sugar levels. As such, Callery’s ice-cream is much lower in sugar, fat and caloric content than other regular premium ice-cream.

Belgian Chocolate

Callery’s uses only the finest ingredients to ensure the premium taste of its ice-cream.

  • Single-Origin Vanilla Beans from Indonesia: Local farmers grow their vanilla in a sustainable fashion and processed them with a non-alcoholic process to concentrate the flavours.
  • Premium Belgian Cocoa: These fabulous fermented cocoa beans are then graded on site and the best quality chosen to be Dutch-processed by an age-old process into a fine cocoa powder that stimulates the senses with just a whiff of it.


  • Fresh French Strawberries: Grown lovingly by local farmers and harvested only when fully sun-ripened on the vine, the freshness of strawberries explodes in your mouth

All Flavours 3

What are the Flavours

  • Vanilla Bean



77% Less Calories | 77% Less Sugar | 77% Less Fat

Savour the flowery top note, with a full-bodied nuttiness that lingers on the palate. The vanilla flecks are something to experience too, with a slight ‘crisp’ that tells you that this is the real deal. And best of all, enjoy maximum happiness in a reduced-calorie package of only 59 Calories per serving! This is equivalent to the calories of an apple.



  • Belgian Dark Chocolate:


72% Less Calories | 80% Less Sugar | 71% Less Fat

Indulge in the most opulent dark chocolate ice-cream in the form of an incredibly rich and addictive concoction that leaves you wanting more. And why not, since it is only 72 Calories per serving!



  • Strawberries and Crème



76% Less Calories | 77% Less Sugar | 75% Less Fat

Strawberries, or Fraise in French, take center stage in this fresh-tasting ice cream, paired with premium cream for the perfect ballet of flavours on your palate. The strawberries taste very ‘raw’. They used ‘raw’ strawberries, freshly picked from the farms. So sit back and enjoy the ballet with only 61 Calories per serving!


Where to purchase Callery’s Ice Cream?

Callery’s Ice Cream are currently available at all NTUC Fairprice Finest outlets island-wide. The brand is also available on popular online platforms such as Redmart, Oddle and GrabFood. Callery’s ice-cream are priced at $16.90 per pint.




Instagram: @callerysicecream

Facebook: @callerys





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