PAPI’S TACOS | An injection of real, rustic Mexico in Singapore’s Seah street

Papi_s Tacos - Interiors 10

Papi_s Tacos - Interiors 14.jpg

Papi’s Tacos – Singapore’s most authentic and highly anticipated back- alley Mexican eatery opens in the heart of bustling Seah Street. The small but mighty taqueria, alive with action and bursting with character, is set to put a dramatic spin on Singapore’s Mexican dining scene. Bearing more similarities to a vintage taco truck than a restaurant, the casual and intimate kitchen emulates the rustic street dining scene of Mexico, known for its genuine hospitality, honest food and passionate service. No reservations, just walk in only – the 16-seater bar top, limited amount of tables and intimate al-fresco area offer an immersion into a vibrant Mexican dining enclave.

Papi_s Tacos - Strawberry _ Pineapple Shaken Margaritas

Papi’s Tacos Shaken Strawberr& original flavoured Margarita

Papi_s Tacos - Margarita

Papi’s Tacos – Margarita


A heartfelt concept from the team behind Singapore’s illustrious Amoy Street establishment, Employees  Only, Papi’s  Tacos presents a departure  from  typical Tex-Mex and Cali-Mex restaurants, inviting diners to enjoy a fuss free, and authentic Mexican menu. From fulfilling tacos to lovingly prepared burritos, mouth-watering quesadillas and free-flow  salsas, all dishes are handmade and prepared countertop with high-quality and fresh ingredients in an open show kitchen, with the use of original Mexican cooking techniques and apparatus. The Mexican flavours pair beautifully with the venue’s very own private label beer – a thirst quenching  lager from  Trouble Brewing, and a simple   wine   selection.   Guests  looking  for  a  savoury  alcoholic alternative can sip on the menu staple tipple – an enticing Margarita menu  from  bar  veteran  Steve  Schneider,  whose straightforward flavours like strawberry, spicy mango and pineapple are on rotation.


Papi_s Tacos - Tostadas De Pollo 3

Papi’s Tacos – Tostadas de Pollo, pulled chicken with chipotle sauce, refried beans, pico de gallo, queso fresco, and sour cream


Papi_s Tacos - Tacos De Asada

Papi’s Tacos – Tacos De Asada

Papi_s Tacos - The Gringo Burrito 3

Papi’s Tacos – The Gringo Burrito 

Papi_s Tacos - Tacos De Pescado 1

Papi’s Tacos – Tacos De Pescado 


The Papi’s experience is a story of true Mexican culture as told by Executive  Chef and Partner Mauricio Espinoza, who  helms  the kitchen with nostalgic recipes from his hometown in Tlaxcala, a small state in Central Mexico. Mauricio fuses his Mexican heritage and over a decade of international culinary experience to bring to life a high-quality selection of Mexican fare. His signature dish is the Tostadas de Pollo, in which he tops crispy homemade corn tortillas  with refried  beans, pulled  chicken  slow-cooked  with chipotle and fresh tomatoes, pico de gallo and queso fresco. The Tacos de Asada, Marinated Steak on housemade Corn Tortillas as well as Burrito de Carnitas with  Slow-Braised Pork and Mexican Rice are other hero items that highlight Mauricio’s personal approach to cooking.

Josh  and Sarissa Schwartz,  Co-Founders and Partners of Papi’s  Tacos says “We  are both Mexican foodies and saw an exciting gap in the market for a small, immersive and animated taqueria. Papi’s carves a niche by introducing Singapore’s first authentic taco truck experience- where guests can watch the food being made in front of them. As with all our concepts, we’re inspired to  push boundaries in the F&B scene in Singapore by creating fun and experiential concepts .”

In keeping with its theme, the tasteful interior is adorned with Mexican touches, incorporating rustic eye-catching décor, punchy tiles, and cheeky hand painted signage that decorates the entrance. An upbeat, curated playlist of catchy Spanish tunes evolves throughout  the day. From cheery folk and alternative rock tracks to swanky hip hop beats and rock & roll jams from the 50’s, Papi’s pumps out an energetic soundtrack right through to the last call.

Location :

39 Seah Street, Singapore 188395

Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday: 5.00pm – Midnight | Sundays: Closed

Walk in only.


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