RE&S CELEBRATES 30TH ANNIVERSARY WITH MATCHA MAGIC Ichiban Boshi, Kuriya Japanese Market, Idaten Udon, Shabu-ichi and Shimbashi Soba offer 15 new matcha creations

RE&S celebrates their culinary creations and dining experiences with a series of thematic promotions in 2018. Hot on the heels of Mentaiko Madness (which launched earlier in the year), MATCHA MAGIC unravels its enchanting spell with 15 new matcha creations.

Matcha is a fine-ground, powdered, high-quality green tea known for its many health benefits. Truly, there is no reason to reject this superfood in our daily diet. Through MATCHA MAGIC, savour the earthy umami flavour of Matcha across various RE&S concepts, from Ichiban Boshi’s curation of 10 matcha items in its Matcha Food Culture menu; to handmade matcha soba at Shimbashi Soba and luscious matcha udon at Idaten Udon; to a unique matcha shabu shabu buffet at Shabu-ichi and a selection of matcha retail products at Kuriya Japanese Market. Don’t miss the new-flavour Fiesta Mini Hokkaido Cheesecake (Matcha), a familiar favourite that has been re-invented with premium matcha powder.

Leading the Matcha Magic charge is casual Japanese dining concept Ichiban Boshi with a menu exclusively dedicated to all things Matcha. Matcha fans, get ready to indulge in a spread of mouth- watering Matcha creations specially prepared by the Ichiban culinary team!

Ichiban Boshi - Kani & Yuba Matcha Sushi Roll

Kani & Yuba Matcha Sushi Roll

Highlight items include: Kani & Yuba Matcha Sushi Roll ($11.90++) – shrimp, crabstick, egg and avocado wrapped in matcha sushi rice and beancurd skin, along with a generous squeeze of creamy sweet blackcurrant mayo sauce; Matcha Tori Nanban ($11.90++) – a golden slab of juicy yet crunchy chicken doused in matcha tartar sauce and blackcurrant mayo sauce on the side; Kurobuta Matcha Curry Udon ($14.90++) serves Japanese curry with a twist. Infused with matcha, the curry boasts a beautiful green colour as well as a subtle aroma and creamy texture.


Savour a total of 10 new creations, plus a dessert and drink on the Matcha Food Culture menu, available at different Ichiban Boshi outlets at selected periods. Check for details.

1 Ichiban Boshi - Matcha Food Culture

Matcha Food Culture at Ichiban Boshi

1 Shabu-ichi - Matcha Shabu Shabu

Shabu Shabu at Shabu-ichi

1 Shimbashi Soba - Matcha Tempura Soba

Soba at Shimbashi Soba




At Kuriya Japanese Market, you can always find the freshest sushi and seafood items, sake (Japanese rice wine), Japanese sauces and ready-to-eat items to satisfy your Japanese food cravings. This season, matcha lovers can rejoice with an expanded range of matcha items at Kuriya Japanese Market.



The Temari Green Tea Umeshu ($12.80) from Wakayama – which is home to some of the best Umeshu in Japan – has a strong green tea scent and goes well with most Japanese dishes. Drink it on the rocks to enjoy the green tea flavour or mix with soft drinks or soda for a refreshing indulgence.



With Togakushi being one of the main soba (buckwheat) cultivation areas in Nagano, Japan, one can expect quality soba such as the dried Shinshu Togakushi Chasoba ($4.80) which boasts a springy texture made from buckwheat, wheat flour and green tea with a rich source of Rutin for a boost of the immune system.



Indulge your sweet tooth with Kuriya Japanese Market’s Matcha Roll Cake ($11.80), Matcha Mochi ($3.00) and Matcha Pudding ($2.80) made with special in-house recipes. Japanese cheesecake fans can also look forward to Fiesta’s new-flavour Mini Hokkaido Cheesecake (Matcha) that perfectly matches the slightly bitter taste of green tea with 100% Hokkaido milk.

Mini Hokkaido Cheesecake (Matcha)


The Fiesta Japanese Cheesecake has been a Singaporean favourite since 1991. Made with 100% Hokkaido milk, this popular cheesecake boasts a light creamy texture and great taste that is popular with young and old alike. For a limited period only, you can enjoy this familiar favourite with a matcha twist.



The mini Hokkaido Cheesecake (Matcha) is available at $4.50 at Kuriya Japanese Market, Ichiban Boshi, Ichiban Sushi and Kabe no Ana outlets from now till November 2018 on a while stocks last basis. To enjoy the best of both worlds, grab these mini Hokkaido Cheesecakes in both the original and matcha flavours at a special bundle price of $7.90 (U.P.$8.30).


Idaten Udon is a self-serve concept that specialises in mix-and-match udon to create your own bowl of savoury flavours, all at great value served in a relaxed and casual dining ambience. Don’t miss the two promotional matcha udon, available for limited period only.




Hiyashi   Charsiew   Matcha   Udon   ($10.80)   reinvents   a   popular Japanese comfort dish with tender Japanese charsiew on chilled, smooth Matcha udon topped generously with carrots, beansprouts, seaweed & bonito flakes. Pour in the house-special spicy broth and mix it well before enjoying.






Creamy Seafood Matcha Udon ($10.80) combines green tea noodle with prawns, mussels, Japanese fish cake, carrot & sweet corn in creamy broth. The aromatic flavour of the green tea noodles complements the savoury umami flavour of the broth and seafood.


For a unique Hokkaido-style hotpot dining experience, there is no better place than Shabu-ichi! Dig into an affordable hotpot buffet at Shabu-ichi with free-flow beef, pork and chicken. Besides 5 regular  soup  selections,  Shabu-ichi  offers  a  promotional  soup which happens to be Matcha this season! Those with an adventurous  palate  should  not  leave  without  trying  the  special Matcha soup which is packed with a healthy punch, perfect for tackling the sniffles.



Shabu-ichi’s Hokkaido Hotpot Buffet is priced at $20.90++/adult and $12.90++/child for lunch and dinner (90 minutes).

Shimbashi Soba is known for healthy buckwheat noodles that is made fresh daily. Helming the kitchen at Shimbashi Soba is Soba Master Yoshinori Shibazaki, who has more than 40 years of experience making soba in Japan and Australia. From now till 31

August, diners can upgrade any ala carte soba on the menu to Matcha soba at $2 with limited servings daily.




Recommended on the menu is the Matcha Tempura Soba at $21.80++. Till 31 July only, diners can also enjoy the Matcha Seiro & Sushi Set (GSS offer) at $19.80++. The Matcha Soba promotion is only available exclusively at Shimbashi Soba Paragon.















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