FEAST LIKE AN EMPEROR Singapore’s sexiest supper club, The Ottomani, celebrates its first Christmas

Officially opened at the end of September, The Ottomani will be introducing a
distinctive festive experience to Singapore for its first holiday season. With progressive New Middle Eastern menu items for sharing and an intimate yet lively ambience, the innovative supper club is a mesmerising setting for family reunions and get-togethers with friends during the upcoming December holidays. Contributing to the festive atmosphere is a majestic, tastefully decorated real Christmas tree, which brings an opulent Ottomani Christmas feel; a special limited-edition Christmas dessert; an abundance of warmly lit oil lanterns and an eclectic-fun music playlist.

The Ottomani - Christmas Dessert
To start the feast off in style, the signature drinks trolley manoeuvres table-side to offer diners unique Middle Eastern-inspired craft cocktails. Fragrant concoctions such as the Türk Kajvesi G&T with Coffee Infused Paper Lantern Gin and Ottomani’s House Tonic and Bursa Mojito with House Blend Rum, Calamansi, Basil, Peppermint and Soda function as a joyful pre-feast aperitif.
The food, curated by Head Chef Nic Philip – a unique, contemporary interpretation of New Middle Eastern cuisine, includes an evocative selection of big and small sharing dishes. The hearty pit roasted and over charcoal grilled meats such as Sticky Pork with Turkish Coffee, Palm Sugar, Szechuan Pepper; and the Lamb Shoulder with Spiced Molasses and Sumac Gremolata offer an aromatic alternative to the traditional roasts. The overnight roasted dishes can be combined with various sides, including flavourful and wholesome root vegetables. Adding a merry ending to the experience, the limited-edition festive dessert Christmas In A Glass is a seasonal Sticky Fig Crumble served with Spiced Almond Milk, which will evoke a nostalgic Christmas spirit in all diners.


A new way to celebrate the festive season in Singapore, The Ottomani is open through the holidays except for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. For reservations, please contact the restaurant via +65 9231 9316 or visit http://www.theottomani.com.

Location & Contact Details:
48 Peck Seah Street, Singapore 079317
+65 9231 9316
Opening Hours:
18:30 – Late Monday to Saturday


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