BAM! : Modern Shudo restaurant that pairs dishes with sake, a truly premium dining experience


Spanning across two shop house units at 38-40 Tras Street, BAM! encloses a warmly-lit dining room, a floor-to-ceiling sake cellar with more than 80 outstanding Sake labels, a discreet private dining space and a relaxed open kitchen.


Executive chef and owner of BAM!, Pepe Moncayo’s holds high regards to the colours, flavours and textures that imbue his heavenly indulgences with a touch of theatre and presents a cuisine that transcends culinary boundaries. Driven by the favoured ingredients of the season, each dish is carefully constructed to excite, surprise and pleasure across the senses. After having a keen interest in Japanese culture for a long time, he finally decided to make a trip to Japan. During his visit, he toured the Katsuyama Brewery where he was first introduced to the idea of pairing food with sake. Blown away by the possibilities and different taste dimensions that sake could offer to different international cuisines, Chef Moncayo decided to take this idea and make it the unique menu of BAM!

“Modern shudo” means the contemporary way of enjoying sake. The trend was started in 2009 by Katsuyama Brewery Chairman Jihei Isawa and realized in his fusion restaurants in Europe and most recently in his Japanese cooking school Miyagi Chouri Seika Senmon Gakkou. Modern shudo is based on bringing the enjoyment of pure sake back to the Edo period of the samurai. At that time, sake was enjoyed with a free, fun spirit in a more comfortable, flexible style.


This intimate space includes a private dining room as well as a sake cocktail bar. The huge paintings that adorn the minimalistic walls create a perfect backdrop for savouring a gastronomic and superior dining experience.



BAM!’s omakase style dining is an ever-evolving experience with exquisite culinary creations and certified sake sommeliers to guide you through your entire meal from one pour to the next.


Chef’s Omakase Menu 

Omakase is the Japanese tradition of entrusting the entire dining experience to the chef. BAM!’s omakase-style dining offers a parade of gastronomic indulgences that highlight the season’s freshest ingredients. Chef Pepe’s culinary creativity and assiduity to colours, flavours and textures ensures every dish is exquisitely plated to appetise visually and each bite is thoughtfully planned to titillate our palate.


Pineapple Gazpacho, Compressed Watermelon, Junsai

Shiso Leaf & Tomato Tartar Tempura
Hakkaisan Futsushu

Cold Somen, Pistachio, Kyoho Grapes, Sudachi Lime
Inaba Shuzuo Junmai Ginjo


Green Beans, Ama Ebi & Uni, Crème Fraîche, Ponzu Jelly
Gasanryu Honjozo


Toothfish, Gazpachuelo, Sago, Tobiko
Yamanashi Junmai Ginjo


Congee with Espardenya
Inaba Shuzuo Junmai Daiginjo

Duck Dumpling, Foie Gras Broth, Nameko Mushrooms
Masumi Karakuchi Gold Daiginjo

Beef Cheek, Onion, Sesame, Emperor’s Sprout
Inaba Shuzuo Junmai Daiginjo Funashibori

Yogurt Mint Ice Cream, Mint Jelly, Pineapple, Blood Orange Caviar

Apricot & Almond

Petit Fours
Umeshu Plum Sake


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Chef’s Omakase Menu


4 course $98
(with sake pairing add $58)


6 course $148
(with sake pairing add $78)


8 course $188
(with sake pairing add $98)


**Menu is designed to be enjoyed by the entire party.
subject to 10% service charge and 7% GST


Sake-Tapas Tasting is now happening every Monday from 6pm – 8pm at BAM!




Lunch – tue – fri : 12.00pm – 2.00pm

Dinner – mon – thu : 6.00pm – 10.30pm
fri – sat : 6.00pm – 11.30pm

close on sun

For corporate events and private parties
email or call +65 6226 0500

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