Customers travelling on Singapore Airlines’ latest Airbus A380 aircraft, featuring
the Airline’s newly launched cabin products, can look forward to a wide range of
in-flight offerings including soft furnishings, amenities, an exquisite dining
experience and highly advanced in-flight entertainment system.

First Class_BTC_SearedNutCrushedVealFillet
The Finer Touches
Created for a distinguished few, each of Singapore Airlines’ Suites will feature a
plush mattress bedding, two pillows and a fluffy cotton duvet, complete with
embroidery crafted by the French luxury brand, Lalique. Complemented with a
stylish sleeper suit, slippers, eyeshades and socks, customers can lounge in
comfort before drifting into peaceful sleep in their private cabin in the sky.
The relaxed and contemporary setting in Business Class is enhanced by a stylish
combination of padded bed sheets, blankets as well as a larger pillow. These soft
furnishings provide a relaxed atmosphere on board, bringing greater comfort for
customers as they work or unwind during the flight.

Suites_02Premium Economy Class_02

Luxurious In-flight Amenities
Suites customers on selected flights will receive an amenity kit with toiletries and
perfumes or a unisex kit containing lifestyle items, specially designed and created
under the co-brand partnership with Lalique. Each of the separate his-and-hers
amenity kits will consist of a fragrance, lip balm and a specially designed pouch. In
addition, the ladies’ set includes a face moisturiser and hand cream while the
men’s set includes a body lotion and aftershave balm.


The unisex kit containing lifestyle items is designed as a collectible item, featuring
a Lalique candle, scented soap, lip balm and body lotion. For a limited period only,
the lifestyle kit will also include a miniature ornamental crystal fish from Lalique.
The design of all three amenity kits will be refreshed regularly.
Suites customers can freshen up in the two stylishly-furnished lavatories with a
special citrus-scented facial mist, body lotion and fragrance by Lalique.
Business Class customers can look forward to a pampering treat, with a range of
Penhaligon’s washroom amenities available on board such as hand lotion, facial
mist and fragrance.
Customers travelling in Premium Economy Class will receive an amenity kit
featuring a special A380 livery to commemorate the launch. The amenity kit
consists of a toothbrush, toothpaste and anti-slip socks.
In Economy Class, customers on selected flights will receive an amenity kit which
includes a toothbrush, toothpaste and socks. Children’s amenities from Disney will
be available in all cabin classes for our young customers.


Exquisite In-flight Dining Experience
To further enhance the culinary experience, Suites customers will dine with
Wedgwood serviceware and Lalique-designed crystal glassware. With every meal
complemented by a selection of fine wines and champagnes specially put
together by a panel of wine experts, customers will be spoilt for choice.

First Class_BTC_SingaporeBakKutTehFirst Class_BTC_SearedNutCrushedVealFillet
As part of Singapore Airlines’ commitment to enhancing sustainability practices,
Suites customers can look forward to meals created by the International Culinary
Panel (ICP), featuring more sustainable ingredients and fresh local produce. The
new menus will be initially introduced to Suites customers on selected routes, and
progressively made available in other classes.

Business Class Narumi_01.png
In the Business Class cabin, customers can look forward to an even more refined
service and dining experience with all meals served on Narumi-designed
chinaware. Coupled with Singapore Airlines’ world-class service, customers will
enjoy a truly delightful experience as they wine and dine on board.

KrisWorld In-flight Entertainment System
Customers flying on the new A380s entering Singapore Airlines’ fleet in the
coming months will be offered even greater control over their in-flight
entertainment (IFE) experience with the launch of myKrisWorld, a new IFE
interactive feature. This personalised IFE experience includes features which are
new in the industry, making the Airline the first to offer these to our customers.
Such features include content recommendations based on customer preferences
and viewing history, and KrisFlyer members being able to bookmark and resume
content, as well as customise and save preferences on myKrisWorld for subsequent

KrisFlyer members travelling across all classes can also select their choice of
playlists from the SingaporeAir mobile app prior to the flight, and transfer their
selections to the onboard system when they connect to myKrisWorld to continue
with their IFE experience. KrisFlyer members, as well as Suites and Business Class
customers, will also have access to additional in-flight entertainment content
choices. In addition, KrisFlyer members travelling in Suites will be able to control
the lighting in their private cabin, and save their lighting preferences for future


In-flight Connectivity
Customers can also experience high-speed in-flight WiFi service on Singapore
Airlines’ new A380, the world’s first GX-enabled A380 aircraft. The aircraft will be
equipped with Inmarsat GX Aviation’s broadband connectivity system, offered
through SITAONAIR. Currently available on selected Boeing 777-300ER aircraft in
Singapore Airlines’ fleet, this service will be progressively introduced on aircraft
that are equipped with SITAONAIR’s Internet and mobile in-flight connectivity.


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