Mui Kee : A Taste of Traditional Heritage | From Les Amis Group


The Les Amis group started from a single establishment, the Group has gone from strength to strength, capitalising on its commitment to quality in food, wine and service, to venture into other cuisine styles and concept. Today, the group has 14 concepts and 24 outlets in Singapore, and multiple overseas concepts including joint ventures and franchises in Hong Kong, Myanmar, Vietnam, The Philippines and Indonesia, with more expansion plans in the pipeline.

Mui Kee, will be making its first venture into the Singapore food market with a 6-month long pop-up at Casa Verde, as part of a collaboration with the Les Amis Group.

We at Luxury Asia Insider have the privilege to try it on its opening day .

What makes the taste of Mui Kee’s congee so unique is that only
fresh ingredients are used, with no artificial flavouring or
monosodium glutamate (MSG) added. The silky-smooth texture
of the congee can be attributed to an arduous 5-hour long
preparation process, which starts by using preserved century
eggs to break down the raw rice grains. The rice is then cooked
with beancurd skin, before being slow-boiled with pork bones
and fish, and stirred every 5-10 minutes, for 5 hours. The
resultant congee base boasts a delicious, creamy quality and
aromatic flavour.
Depending on the order, a selection of fresh ingredients are
then added to the base, and cooked in handmade copper pots
which ensures even heat distribution. The congee is topped with
scallion and ginger before serving.

For the pop-up, diners can select from 8 different types of congee, each served with a side of fried dough fritters and century egg. Highly recommended would be Mui Kee’s signature fish belly congee ($14.50 nett), featuring dace fish sourced from Shunde Province sautéed with rice wine, and is cooked in a special method separate from the other congees that gives it an accompanying fragrant wok hei taste. Those who prefer meat can opt for the homemade meatball congee ($12.50 nett) or the pig’s innards congee ($12.50 nett). Other options such as sliced beef, scallop or pork & century
egg are also available at either $12.50/$14.50. Additional side dishes such as the drunken chicken ($10 nett), and kai lan ($7 nett) are also available for those who would like some extra dishes to complete their meal.


We highly recommend the congee with drunken chicken ($10 nett), and kai lan ($7 nett)

Don’t forget the desserts too .

1 Cluny Road
Singapore Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre
Singapore 259569



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