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Celebrate the season of love and immortalise your memories with Goldheart’s gilded range of jewellery this Valentine’s Day. Fronted by Mediacorp Artiste and Goldheart Brand Ambassador, Rebecca Lim, A Tale of True Love features a curated range from Goldheart’s most beloved collections, including Celestial, KStyle, and 916 Gold, bringing you the perfect pieces to mark every step of your journey of love.

Whether this tale involves you and a partner, a beloved family member or close friend, or even to mark an exceptional chapter in your own story, Goldheart offers a stunning range of jewellery to mark every milestone of your story.

The Goldheart 2023 Valentine’s Day Collection is available at all Goldheart stores islandwide, at, and on their official Lazada and Shopee stores.


Embodying the most heartfelt blessings of marital bliss, 916 Gold Si Dian Jin is one that transcends the wedding day. With a resurgence of interest in traditional gold pieces, Goldheart has updated this customary betrothal jewellery set with a modern, contemporary touch, transforming each piece into a covetable item, and a stylish wardrobe staple.

The collection features an intricate series of interlocking links, symbolising an endless, immortalised love — the perfect manifestation of a couple’s unity throughout their enduring tale of love.


Bringing a touch of sophistication and elegance, the classic and timeless 916 gold wedding bands allow the beholder to express their individuality and accentuate refined glamour as an everyday staple. The pieces in the collection encompass subtle and detailed motifs that span across the band, symbolising oneness, enduring love, and the connected fate between two unique individuals – making them fitting emblems of an everlasting bond in the modern age.


The Celestial collection features the world’s first 73-facet starburst diamond, which is unique only to Goldheart. Elegant and timeless, the pieces in this collection exude an unparalleled grandeur like an eternal star that sparkles ceaselessly, symbolising romance and constellations that tell wonderful tales of passion. Inspired by the petals of garden blooms that signify the beauty of falling in love, the Blooming series from this Celestial collection lends an inimitable elegance and grace. Its supreme luminosity distinguishes the wearer effortlessly, while its signature brilliant starburst within the diamond hints at an extraordinary fairy tale to be told.



Perfectly encapsulating the intimacy and bond shared in a relationship, the Intimo Wedding Bands are made for soulmates — whether they are looking to embark on a new chapter or renew and strengthen the promises they’ve made. Embedded with a Pure Blue sapphire on the inner ring band to symbolise purity and fidelity, these wedding bands represent a special memory, a promise — or even the intrinsic form of love between two inseparable individuals.


As the name suggests, the Le Pure collection personifies everlasting purity. Coupled with the ever-resilient platinum, the Le Pure collection will undoubtedly stand the test of time with its unparalleled durability and resistance — a perfect reminder and symbol of eternal love.


Inspired by the glamour and style synonymous with the cosmopolitan city of Seoul, Goldheart’s latest KStyle Occasion set puts dazzling diamonds into the spotlight. KStyle features designs that capture the fresh exuberance and stylish urbanity of the city and its trendy inhabitants, with pieces like the Eternal Diamond Necklace and its gorgeous cascading silhouette that naturally follows the curvature of the neck. The set is completed with matching earrings, a bracelet, and a ring that effortlessly doubles as Si Dian Zuan for the wedding day, and can be worn together as a set on special date nights or separately, for the days beyond.


With its sleek silhouette and architecturally-inspired designs, the sculptural forms of this Seoul-inspired KStyle jewellery, combine sensual fluidity with a modern edge. Meanwhile, its geometric designs place Goldheart’s exceptional diamonds centre stage. The polished, regal look of these gender fluid pieces make for the perfect matching statement accessories — and for a striking way to mark any chapter in a love story.


Pink diamonds are the perfect embodiment of a love so rare and prized — and one that transcends time. In Goldheart’s latest Star Lab collection, the spotlight shines on breath-taking pink diamonds, framed by a halo of dazzling diamonds — as the first jeweller in Singapore to launch lab-grown pink diamonds, Goldheart’s offering in the field remains unmatched.

Other jewellery from the Star Lab collection similarly illuminates the brilliance of lab-grown diamonds, featuring marvellous geometric cuts and meticulously conceptualised pavé diamonds settings that allow the diamonds’ beauty to shine through with an extra jolt of luminosity — making for a sublime piece that effortlessly follows its wearer through the seasons.

Indistinguishable to the naked eye, this collection of International Gemological Institute (IGI) diamond alternatives crafted with cutting-edge technology is one of Goldheart’s best kept secrets to date, providing impeccable brilliance made for everyday and beyond at an approachable price-point.

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