SHARP Sound Bar To Elevate Users’ Audio Experience

image001 (3)

The sounds of our lives are one of the things that make every day richer and more vibrant. Get ready to transform how users hear the world from most loved movies to favourite music with the new SHARP HT-SBW125 Sound Bar.

The 2.1ch Sound Bar with wireless subwoofer is designed to be sleek and neat to fit into tight spaces while still delivering powerful acoustics for all your visual and audio needs. Pair the Sound Bar with Sharp TVs and watch favourite movies and have the action take over the room with Dolby surround sound audio, delivered through a total output power of RMS 210W. Users can listen to tunes by their favourite artists seamlessly with Bluetooth enabled music streaming as well as fast USB playback. Setup is also quick and fuss-free with HDMI plugs and optical inlets, with universal Aux in cables (3.5mm). Sound power, purity and performance are neatly packaged into a matte black metal housing complete with metal grill finishing for a sound machine that is equally as stylish.

The SHARP HT-SBW125 Sound Bar is priced at $349 and available on Sharp’s Cocoro Life e-store: and authorized retailers.

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