The first international stop after its debut in France at the Louis Vuitton Family House in Asnières, West of Paris, the exhibition pays homage to the symbolic trunk through 200 reimagined designs by 200 friends of the House – artists, musicians, sportsmen, scientists, and philosophers. Originally crafted to celebrate Louis Vuitton’s bicentennial birthday, the exclusive trunks are now presented as a collective of vessels that embody aspirations, abstract concepts and artistic expressions for guests and invitees to experience up close. Headed for Beijing, New York and ending with London, the trunks will be auctioned at Sotheby’s in support of youths and talents through their creative endeavours.

A tribute to creativity, ingenuity and craftmanship

Nestled along the waterfront of Marina Bay Sands, LOUIS VUITTON 200 TRUNKS 200 VISIONARIES: THE EXHIBITION took up residence beside the all-glass structure of the flagship store Crystal Pavilion. The dedicated event space features a monolithic, damier façade alternating with tinted windows and steel claddings, conveying the Maison’s signature graphic with views between exterior and interior. Viewed from above, the streamlined show space is emblazoned with ‘LOUIS 200’ appearing boldly across the roof.

Where the past catches up to present

The presentation space came to life through the brilliance of 200 visionaries who had full reign to transform the original trunk. The result, a cross-section of physical and digital, yielding extraordinary interpretations of futuristic transfigurations and physical vessels. Greeting guests in the Briefing Room, is the Magic Malle trunk, panelled with LED screens, bridging time into space. Journeying through the Warehouse, the creations by Theó Curin and Jean-Michel amongst others, sit staggered, atop the assigned shipping crates in which they will continue their expedition in. Entering the Dreamscape, visitors indulge in a sensory buffet with all things fun and whimsical, from multi-coloured trunks to the interactive space featuring the BTS trunk and a speakeasy themed room dedicated to Benji B’s jukebox trunk.

Local celebrities

Louis Vuitton’s 200 TRUNKS 200 VISIONARIES : THE EXHIBITION in Singapore was attended by local celebrities including the likes of Kit Chan, Fann Wong, Zoe Tay, Rebecca Lim, Joanne Peh, Jesseca Liu, Desmond Tan and Chantalle Eng




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