We-Vibe Touch X triple-function beauty device


We-Vibe Touch X Is a triple-function beauty device that can help you achieve beauty in a pleasurable way. It is ergonomically shaped and light-weight device. We-Vibe Touch X works as a beauty device, a powerful mini massager and a pleasure device that delivers whisper-quiet vibrations in 7 different modes with deep powerful vibrations, not only ideal for beauty care, but for body massages and foreplay.

“We-Vibe Touch X has taken our self-care to another level as a multi-purpose massager. There is a certain level of self-intimacy when we massage and soothe our skin, taking care of its muscles while witnessing our own beauty reflected back to us in the mirror. It is extremely soothing and brings us back into the body. On top of that, our jaw is connected to our cervix via a network of nerves, when our jaw relaxes so does our cervix, allowing us to better relax and to receive pleasure through our bodies and sense of touch. There are many pressure points in our face that connect to many parts of the body which helps to increase blood flow and reduce muscle tension in our body. These pressure points can help to stimulate arousal and pleasure”
Andrea; a Sex, Love & Relationship Coach.

We-Vibe Touch X, as a beauty device works wonders on the difficult to reach and delicate areas especially around the eyes and cheek bones. It provides a soothing and rejuvenating experience to evoke and delight the senses.


No More Puffy Eyes
It effectively helps to reduce puffiness around the eyes area and promote healthy circulation by using an eye cream and circling around the eye area. Eyes are instantly soothed and relaxed with the vibration mode in it.

Glow and Brighten Up
The beautiful curves of We-Vibe Touch X can be used to massage in lotions and serums more effectively than the fingers. A combination of silky-smooth silicone and powerful vibrations, We-Vibe Touch X can help serums glide onto your skin more thoroughly and effectively. Start glowing!

Five Minute Spa Treatment
Use a refreshing face mist and massage your face with We-Vibe Touch X to help you recharge and rejuvenate whenever you feel stressed. No more stressful moments. Enjoy the pulsating moments as it soothes and relaxes your facial muscles, to reduce the tensions gradually.

Level Up Your Concealer Game
The vibrations of We-Vibe Touch X will help to set and blend your concealer giving you that perfect smooth finish look!

Take the Ick out of Masking
No more long waiting time for the skin to absorb and soak in the goodness of the masks! We-Vibe Touch X vibrations can be used to enhance the absorbency of your skin, making facials twice more effective than usual!

Aside from being a beauty and pleasure device, We-Vibe Touch X is also great for body massages. This is a great device to improve the connection between you and your partner, light up some candles, and put on some romantic music to set the mood. With its ergonomically shaped corners, We-Vibe Touch X can easily target pressure points to help alleviate pain and soreness from tension areas such as the neck, back and shoulders.

Available in two colours: Crave Coral and Green Velvet – We-Vibe Touch X is rechargeable and can last up to 120 minutes of use in just a single charge! It is waterproof, easy to care for and eco-friendly. Retailing at S$140 and it is available for purchase at the following Guardian link.

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