Parisian Haute perfumery Maison 21G launched its Dual Scented Crayon, an audacious new product that embodies the bold approach for which the brand is known. Thanks to the crayon’s duo roll-ons, you have the choice of rolling the scents one by one or, blending them together to create a 3rd scent. Why choose just one, or even two? With all three scents, you can awaken your senses and let your unique scent style shine.

You are now free to play with the creation of your mini scents according to your desires, your wishes, and your olfactory favorites. Simple and fun to use, all it takes is a quick roll of your chosen scents to layer them on your neck, your wrists, the hollow of your chest, the inside of your elbows, or any sexy area with a high pulse point on which to glide your fragrance. Playful, convenient, and effortlessly portable, the Crayon can be slipped into a pocket or handbag. Just like a trusty lipstick, your new scent can travel with you wherever you go.

Located at the extremities of your bespoke perfume crayon, each scent can be used to heighten different moments of each day – Bergamot Blast for energised mornings, Amber Affair for sultry and sensuous evenings… or an evocative blend of your two chosen scents for your own fresh, sexy, and signature potion. In this unique way, the Dual Scented Crayon provides three thrilling options instead of just one,  immediately marking it out from mainstream perfumes, and presenting countless opportunities for creativity and enjoyment.

Furthermore, just like all Maison21G products, the Dual Scented Crayon Eau de Parfum contains only natural haute couture ingredients.

Chic, sexy, and imbued with a nomad spirit, allow yourself to be seduced by unique Dual Scented Crayon and reveal your inner scent style. When 1+1=3, nothing is stopping you from keeping your scents rolling, and letting your personality shine.


This revolutionary product is available to purchase online globally on Maison 21G’s website and in Maison 21G Singapore boutiques.

Price: Dual Scented Crayon (2 X 5ml) $50 SGD



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