Japan Livestock Products Export Promotion Council (J-LEC) launches the Japanese Wagyu Fair – GetWagyu, for the first time in Singapore

The Japan Livestock Products Export Promotion Council (J-LEC) kickstarts 2021 with the GetWagyu Japanese Wagyu Fair in Singapore. Selected premium restaurants and retailers will be part of the fair. From January till March diners and shoppers can learn why many consider Wagyu to be the best beef in the world and stand to win premium Wagyu beef by purchasing or ordering campaign products at participating outlets.

Wagyu beef is considered a national treasure, and there are currently 1.7 million Wagyu raised in Japan. The exquisite shimofuri (marbling) that forms the pattern of intramuscular fat and red meat is key to the signature melt-in-your-mouth texture that Wagyu beef is renowned for. Wagyu beef is graded A (highest) to C (lowest) for the grade of yield, and from 1 (highest) to 5 (lowest) for quality of meat. Wagyu beef also contains more omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids than other beef, and research has shown that its high oleic acid content provides health benefits.


GetWagyu is J-LEC’s first foray into Singapore. Through the campaign, chosen restaurants and retail outlets will have J-LEC stickers and posters on their physical premises and websites to mark their participation. All purebred Japanese Wagyu will come with the Universal Wagyu Mark, and J-LEC is in the process of implementing an authenticity QR code to all their products worldwide as part of their global digitalisation efforts. The authenticity QR code reveals the pedigree and history of the calf. The information includes the registration certificate that each Wagyu calf is issued, along with the calf’s distinctive nose print stating where it was born and raised. Additionally, each calf has a unique 10-digit identification number for verification on J-LEC’s database.


J-LEC is proud to spread the joy of Wagyu by giving restaurant-goers and shoppers a chance to redeem a sample of Wagyu beef. All promotional GetWagyu items will come with a campaign QR code that shares details about the fair and gives juicy insights about Wagyu beef. To qualify, participants need to post pictures of the ordered dish or proof of purchase on SNS such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with the hashtag #getwagyu and answer a questionnaire.

Wagyu pedigree registrations have been around for the last 150 years, and it is a process that J-LEC has constantly refined and improved with technology. “Wagyu beef is managed by traceability, and bloodlines and meat quality ratings are strictly controlled, so consumers can eat the beef with confidence.” Says the President of J-LEC, Yoshitomo Kinoshita. To date, Japanese Wagyu is exported to over 40 countries worldwide, and partnerships with facilities that have obtained Halal certifications have allowed for greater global penetration of the premium product.


J-LEC will also be conducting an exclusive online event on 9 February from 1400 – 1500 for selected members of the media starting with an address from J-LEC’s president, and to share the overview of the campaign, followed by details on the engagement process across the different restaurants and retailers. Through the event, attendees will learn of the appeal of Wagyu and receive an in-depth explanation of the QR code system which provides information for Wagyu beef such as grades, place of origin and more. J-LEC will open the floor to members of the media for a questions and answers session about the campaign and Japanese Wagyu to conclude the event.

Interested parties can drop a message at hello@bebop.asia.

The Japan Livestock Products Export Promotion Council (J-LEC):


The Japan Livestock Products Export Promotion Council (J-LEC) is a collation of organisations in Japan representing livestock farmers, the meat and dairy industries, as well as local governments dedicated to the promotion of Japanese livestock products globally.

J-LEC Website: http://jlec-pr.jp/en/

Campaign website: sg.beef-japan.jp




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