SHINE from inside out with Unique Time’s REJUVENATE


SHINE from inside out with Unique Time’s REJUVENATE

Taking vitamins and health supplements are a great way to boost your body
With different biological needs and health goals, it’s important to be able to find the right product that caters to achieve those needs.

Unique Time launched Rejuvenate Antioxidant Infused Shot, an antioxidant-infused shot made with a blend of nature’s best, into a ready-to-drink pack to allow for ease of consumption in people’s busy lifestyles

A single pack’s antioxidant capacity is equivalent to 1kg of strawberries, 4.3kg of grapes, 26.3kg of cranberries, and 0.7kg of cherries, which is more than enough to satisfy the daily requirement needed by the human body.

There are also seven key benefits to the Rejuvenate Antioxidant Infused Shot.

Boost Immunity
Support Heart Health
Promotes Eye Health
A Natural Energy Booster
Minimizes Signs of Aging
Promote Radiance Complexion
Provides Antioxidant Support

Rejuvenate Antioxidant Infused Shot is easily consumed and convenient to bring along
which is perfect for anyone who is busy and needs an energy booster any time of the day!

Rejuvenate Antioxidant Infused Shot helps to boost vitality where one often experiences tiredness easily due to exhaustive and stressful lifestyles. It aims to promote good health and wellness to empower individuals to pursue a quality life of vitality!

Feel that boost of vitality with Unique Time’s Rejuvenate Antioxidant Infused Shot!


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